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I'm not sure about other markets but in Canada I've been trying to get an iphone 4 since launch. I've been put on a waiting list that they say is 6+ months long. I hope Apple responds to its existing demand before trying to introduce new variations.

Wow, on my last visit to the UK I just walked into an Apple store and bought an unlocked one there and then for a friend. They had stacks of them in stock. (they were selling one every 2 minutes or so though) The website says 1 week:


Actually, the Canadian website says 2 weeks:


So whoever you're trying to buy one from - they're messing you around.

That's the waiting time for an unlocked phone though. You can't order subsidized phones direct from Apple in Canada. You have to visit an Apple Retail Store or a store that carries phones from your carrier of choice.

If you're in a contract with a carrier, I'd suggest phoning them up and asking to speak with their retentions department. Talk to them about how you're thinking about leaving if you can't get an iPhone 4 soon. Most of the big carriers -- Rogers, Telus, Bell, and even Fido -- have taken orders through their retentions department. It really seems to depend on the day though, whether or not they can sell any. But it's worth a shot!

Yeah, same here (also in Canada). Been trying to get an iPhone 4 at Rogers since they came out and still didn't manage to get one!

To be fair though, couple of my friends got one by either waiting in line at the Apple store or calling Rogers retention etc... but I really don't care enough to jump through hoops to get one so I'm still waiting!

yah its at fido. I go check every week. They have signs at every store saying "no iphone 4s" and if you call their answering service says "we do not have any iphone 4's.... <menu>"

Check with the Apple store (if there's one near you; I'm in Toronto so I have three close-ish to where I live). I got mine (on Fido dollars) about four weeks ago by calling the Apple store at Sherway Gardens on a Friday and finding out they MIGHT have a shipment on Saturday (they did).

Phone up Fido and speak talk about cancelling so you get transferred to their retentions department. Rogers and Fido have been known to sell iPhone 4s through that department to customers that threaten to leave.

I got mine a week ago by calling the Apple Store at Eaton's Centre in Toronto on a Thursday evening; they told me they would have stock the next day. I got there at 6:50 am and was out of the store with a phone at 9:50 after a somewhat problematic activation with Fido.

That's crazy, it's down to two weeks in Australia.

I just got my 4 after waiting since launch. Some parts of Australia are still backlogged.

You can pick it up in a store in Denmark. No waiting lists anywhere.

I know a lot of people who had no trouble picking up an iPhone 4.

My advice is to threaten to switch carriers. They'll take care of you nice and quick.

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