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Finhub: SEC’s Strategic Hub for Innovation and Financial Technology (sec.gov)
46 points by miobrien 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

It’s incredible that the federal government has realized the disruptive nature of blockchain technology to the financial ecosystem before most commenters on HN. In 5 years, I believe most entrepreneurs reading this forum will be raising money and managing their cap table using the blockchain.

If by blockchain you mean a database that has cryptographic security (e.g. signing by various parties) then yes. If you mean proof of work or proof of stake based blockchain, hmm unlikely. Though those that are proof of work or proof of stake may serve as a base for other platforms.

If anything blockchain is too broad a term. The good thing that's coming out of the "blockchain revolution" is that people are coming to understand that programming/logical literacy is and will be as important as language literacy, as well as importance of cryptography for building trusted systems. But let's not call that blockchain.

Via DHS and NIST, the answer is on 42:


Is that page number a coincidence? I wonder.

Anyway, here are a bunch of other decision trees as well:


Cutting through the noise:


That's not what they are doing here at all. This is a thinly veiled regulatory body which will pretty much ban/kill all PoW/PoS/or anyother pseudo science blockchain projects.

It will likely shut down once they realize corporate America has pretty much ditched blockchain and has moved on. The people who are writing optimistic comments are grasping at straws.

Blockchain industry had 5 years to go mainstream. All it did was create financial ruin for duped investors while enriching those who bought the pre-sale at restrictive amounts of capital to risk.

Blockchain is a shitty and slow database nobody asked for apart from the people selling it's tokens that is somehow necessary to appreciate and depreciate in value on terms dictated by the very controllers. SEC will blow you out of the water if you've been caught pumping and dumping. I am in the process of reporting/sending slack screenshots of people in Vancouver to the SEC for pumping and dumping.

Justice is coming. In the form of US extradition.

People were saying that 5 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I think blockchain will(and already has) many useful qualities, but I don’t see it as a magical senzu bean that will take over finance.

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