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Show HN: Starlette – An asyncio Web framework for Python (starlette.io)
8 points by tomchristie 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

Nice to see development around some standardization in that area. The code samples look nicely clean.

related: does anyone have experience with running asyncio web apps in production? What's your server setup like? For toys I've put the asyncio server directly on the web, but that doesn't feel right, and not sure how to use uwsgi etc in this case.

There are 3 ASGI servers right now. Daphne, Uvicorn, Hypercorn.

For production deployments you’ll either want to run them with a supervisor process like supervisors/circus/etc. Or use gunicorn (uvicorn includes a gunicorn worker class).

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