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Who decides the rules you need to follow?

That is the darkness.

That's the philosophical/political question at the heart of this.

Although personally if whoever decides the rules is preventing people from running me over on the sidewalk, preventing smoking in my face while I wash my hands in the restroom, and taking businesses to task for scamming me, then... the darkness isn't that dark.

I'd have to balance that against the over-reach of government indoctrination and blocking access to information.

After enough times nearly being killed by an idiot on a motorbike, it's a genuine mental balancing act.

> the darkness isn't that dark.

Give it a few years. Or read a history book if you are impatient.

It depends, right? Honneker vs the Kim dictatorship in N Korea. Honecker led to people “telling” on each other for gain (making stuff up to advance or get rid of a rival) but it wasn’t do much gulags. North Korea was/id diffetent. It’s there to repress and keep the status quo, nothing else. It’s very repressive.

So, ond can be like Singapore today, another can be like Venezuela today. Depends on the govt and whether it responds to its constituency.

It’s not a competition, it’s an inevitability. You don’t want to roll dice every 4 years when losing equals industrialised genocide.

Better to not have those systems in place.

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