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primarily Azure which is by all measures inferior to the other two and they don't even know.

That's a really weird thing to say, by what measures do you mean? In terms of market share, they are AWS, then Azure, then a big gap, then Google. In terms of maturity of the managed services, it's Azure, then AWS, then Google. Google in particular has a lot of "tickbox" features just to say they have them but when you drill down they are far more basic than either Azure or AWS.

Visual Studio is littered with SQL server and Azure tools which doesn't even make sense

Why doesn't it make sense? I use those tools regularly! The VS team, using their own product to develop their product, is generally super responsive to the user community.

I would not call Azure managed services mature across the board. Some of them are excellent, others are broken in weird little ways.

The web portal is the best example, you can't use that with just one browser. Some things only works in Chrome, others are only broken in Chrome.

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