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This is supposed to be the request form https://www.quantcast.com/privacy/data-subject-rights/ However, I'm getting:

> We are unable to find a Quantcast measurement cookie on your browser and therefore will be unable to identify any data in our systems or process any request for data access or deletion.

I didn't get anything at all on the page until I disabled uBlock. Then I refreshed and got the same message you got.

I'm curious if these types of firms use other data (browser profile? IP address?) to link data into a single profile across multiple browser sessions.

For example, if I wasn't blocking ads/scripts but I still had cookies set to clear on browser exit, would their gathered data only apply to that session or get added to some overarching profile of me as a user?

I'm less concerned about ads being tailored to things I did in the current session and more concerned about the longer-lasting profiles built up over time by credit card use, browsing history, and other data points. Seems like more potential for abuse than if they're depending on something as short-lived as a tracking cookie.

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