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I'd be surprised if many organisations pay the full price for Visual Studio Enterprise - certainly a former employer of mine (a pretty large company) didn't pay anything like the list price for any of the MS development tools.

Let's say they get it at an 80% discount. VS Enterprise apparently is now available only though a cloud subscription worth ~$3000 per year so it would still be ~$600. Resharper is $299/$239/$179 (1st/2nd/3rd year).

And this is a scenario where your company can get an 80% discount (not sure this is doable) plus Resharper has a perpetual license you can keep after 1 year, just without updates.

It was a big multinational - that kind of money was literally a rounding error.

It might be a rounding error, but none the less, if they negotiate a reduced price, that would literally pay the cost of hiring a person whose only job is to do just that.

You get a little more than just VS with that subscription... Access to dev/test pricing in azure and all the software to test on is huge. Plus whatever else...

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