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Hidden gem among a sea of video meeting services
9 points by rhxhzm 74 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments
Mainly because you don't need an app to carry out video meetings even on ios and android which I don't think I've seen before (uses webRTC of course).


Aside from that it can do recording, streaming of meetings to others, on-screen annotations and a few other things that similar services don't have yet.

https://www.daily.co/ is a real hidden gem in my opinion. Don't need to install anything, uses webRTC as well

You can have your own subdomain. Mine is at "https://vincentntang.daily.co/whatever-I-want-here"

It's free, paid options give you ability to record sessions. Also it's professional marketable endpoint is nice.

It's helpful when I outsource my work to ad-agencies, and I need to share my screen.

There’s also Jitsi (https://meet.jit.si/) which works without an app on iOS devices.

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