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VergeSense (Vision Sensor Platform: S17) Is Hiring Engineers (Remote and SF)
5 months ago | hide
VergeSense (YC S17) is building AI-powered IoT sensors to power the future of commercial & corporate real estate (one of the largest asset classes in the world). We've started to ship our product in volume (thousands of units deployed, 1M+ sqft of space under coverage) and we're hiring for multiple engineering & product roles including embedded systems / hardware ENG, full-stack SWE, computer-vision / ML, and IoT product management.

We're on track to grow 10-20x next year, so this is the ideal role for someone who wants to hop in at an early stage to help grow through the inflection point of company from product / market fit to scale.

We've got a variety of fun & challenging technical problems to solve - including low-power / wireless system design, embedded machine-learning, IoT device management at scale, computer-vision on low-power ICs, automation of machine learning training / model development / deployment, and imaging / optical system design.

Experience / background in camera / computer vision systems, autonomous driving, UAV, robotics, IoT / sensor networks are a huge plus.

If you're interested, please send a note to jobs@vergesense.com. We'd love to hear about a product you've shipped or a cool project you've worked on recently.

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