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Edward Snowden: Saudis Used Israeli Spyware to Target Khashoggi (middleeastmonitor.com)
45 points by CPAhem 4 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

Is there any reason Snowden would be in a position to know this? The article doesn't give any evidence, but merely an accusation. Snowden was privy to intelligence info in 2013, but it's been 5 years since then and I imagine that his knowledge would be too dated to know what's going on here.

If one were pessimistic, he could be told this by his FSB handlers. Whether it’s true or not who knows?

He probably knows/says what his GRU [1] minders tell him to know and say.

1 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Intelligence_Directorate

Everybody should know this, it's open source, the information was provided by the Canadian based Citizen Lab.

I can't see how he can have any particular insight into this as a regular dude with no access to secret info.

Is it possible that he's just spouting stuff to try to stay relevant?

Come to think of it, is it possible he's ever done this in the past?...

I think Edward Snowden now is a lot more like John McAfee than Edward R. Murrow. Snowden is trading on his personality and celebrity moreso than journalistic integrity or technical credentials.

Snowden might have sources leaking to him, or he might be acting as a front for someone else, but it doesn't matter either way. People will believe him because he says it and it sounds plausible.

In a few years he'll probably be shilling gold coins or prepper tools.

That's an interesting prediction to make of a guy who became famous because his personal sense of ethics overpowered every other concern in his life. It's hard to imagine him trying to cash in on that fame.

What else does he have to cash in on? He's not a saint.

There's been more evidence that he's selfless rather than selfish, though. So the insinuation that he's playing the self-gain game is a bit more of a stretch.

Regarding 'Pegasus' spyware, does anyone have more information on that? Could it target any phone remotely like MINIX does for any PC? Serious question

The comments on this article are nuts.

If this is true, then it could further implicate MBS, as he's one of the few pro-Israeli Saudis.

You won't see this story in the US mainstream media.

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