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Expert: Acosta video distributed by White House was doctored (apnews.com)
57 points by belltaco 74 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 17 comments

I guess in all the fuss we're not supposed to notice the important part - that a microphone was being forcibly seized from a journalist?

Comparing this press meeting to Swedish press meetings it seems I am missing something. Don't other nation have one question per journalist and then rotate until there is no more questions or time is up?

For Swedish press meeting, most of the time the journalist walk up to the stand, ask their question, and during the time the representative answer the question the journalist walks back to their seat. There is practically never a back-and-forth conversation during a press meeting. If a TV or news paper want a interview they book an interview.

Is this a cultural difference?

That sounds shockingly respectful. I suppose the goal is to exchange information? In the US, the goal is now to stir the pot and get ratings.

We can easily judge by looking at the questions Acosta asked. We're they not good questions?

It depends who the press is talking to, whether they generally agree, and therefore listen as students, or whether they generally disagree, and therefore act as being part of a debate.

We tend to prefer an adversarial relationship between the press and officials, evidence notwithstanding.

I'm not a Trump supporter and don't know a lot about the protocol here, but I've watched the video. Acosta and the President go back and forth several times with the journalist trying to ask (another?) question and Trump saying that's enough. Presumably it's not the journalist's microphone. Is it really wrong or surprising in itself that an uncooperative participant in a shared conversation would have the community microphone taken away? I'd be glad to hear why taking the microphone in this context is truly unusual.

The ban is pretty BS, although I find the journalist's "karate chop" in the undoctored video a tad more aggressive than supporters ever describe it. To his credit he does also say "pardon me."

I'm a liberal partisan, so fwiw, but I don't think in a professional setting you ever try to wrestle something out of someone's hands. This is all uncharted territory in the White House press room, but when I've seen a similar situation in science conferences, they usually stand in front of the person who won't yield the mic and ask for it back until the mic gets cuts.

But the WH had to double down and say that JA "placing hands on" on the intern, which is close to a specific legal phrase related to assault and battery charges, unless they were saying he was: trying to find the intern, confirm her into his church, or provide faith healing services.

Good points. I was also surprised the mic didn't just get cut. I'm wondering if someone told the intern to grab the mic, since I agree it's unprofessional. Maybe reaching out the hand was supposed to be more of a prompt to hand it back, but things got heated. What a mess.

I agree Acosta hogs the mic a bit. And his questions are inarticulate and badgering. The two men interrupt each other. There's no decorum. Both sides are basically ridiculous and embarrassing, which is unfortunately par for the course these days. But if you're at the podium there are ways of handling this. You can simply stop answering questions until the guy realizes it's futile and yields the mic. If that takes a bit of time, then while it's happening you can articulately explain that everybody deserves a chance to speak, thereby demonstrating your sense of fairness and equity, and winning points with everyone. But Trump doesn't believe that (if he even thinks about it at all... I mean heck he's only the president, not someone who should be concerned with principles of governance, right?), and doesn't have the wherewithal. It's like apes jibber-jabbering.

It took several minutes of rewatching the clips to notice any difference, but I think I see it now. I'm amazed anyone was able to catch this.

Acosta should have never touched that woman. I'd be fired or suspended at my job if I did that.

He didn’t touch her any more than she touched him. Are you insane?

She looked very professional, went for the mic, did 3 attempts, and stood aside when pushed away by the journalist.

This time "doctored" issue is to distract people on what actually happened.

Journalist had asked his questions, and the President answered. He was, refusing to end his turn, being sensationalist and irrelevant.

When the debate is over, slander becomes the tool of the loser. - Socrates

What's the likelihood that a libel/slander lawsuit against Sanders would succeed?

Zero. She didn't claim it was realtime, and cycle accurate

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