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Tinder user, 69, who identifies as a 49-year-old asks court to change his age (msn.com)
19 points by onetimemanytime 71 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

For some background: this guy is a pretty excentric motivational coach who's really into neurolinguistic programming. He's big in the Netherlands.

I'd say he's well-known because of various stunts, most of them long ago, but not 'big'. More Weird Al if he retired a decade ago than Kanye.

Why would this guy think he needs government approval to lie about his age on the internet?

It's not just about Tinder. In the article it says he wants to avoid general discrimination he faces based on that 20 year difference in age. For example, he wants to work again, but no one wants to hire someone at retirement age.

This is still pretty silly, but because there are cases where people change other facts of their birth like their names or gender, you could say there's a precedent.

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