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Are there any public plans for early access or an ETA to GA for features like scheduled jobs? That's very important to me, and since daemons aren't on v2, there's currently no way to do them internally to Now (I suppose you could have an external cron system GET/POST a URL every N minutes).

Congrats on the launch, it looks like a much more cohesive product now!

We have been running an internal beta of the jobs feature, and we'll keep everyone posted!

We agree that invoking entrypoints periodically is a much better way to model most worker / daemon workloads than a "stateful event loop".

The commitment to our customers is that we won't phase out V1 until this usecase (and others!) are thoroughly addressed.

Yay! thanks for letting us know it's coming.

Apologies for sneaking into this thread. You can schedule batch jobs using Apify Actors and Scheduler. The actor can run any Docker image at times specified using a cron expression. Just have a look at:

https://www.apify.com/docs/actor https://www.apify.com/docs/scheduler

Disclaimer: I'm a co-founder of Apify

I actually run a cron job (https://www.npmjs.com/package/node-cron) on Now by setting the minimal scale to 1 instance. It's for a hobby project but it's been reliable enough for my personal needs.

The only tough part is having to delete the old cron instances when I push an update. Scheduled jobs (or some cron support) would be excellent.

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