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25 Most Valuable Startups That Failed This Year (inc.com)
35 points by taytus 4 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

Wow, what a lazy article, buzzfeed called, they want their listicles back... For real though, we couldn't get a paragraph per company on what they do and why they failed? I'm not asking for deep deep insights or breaking down every mistake they made but with ZERO research let me do one for Theranos:

    Medical company that claimed they could run a number of tests with just 1 drop of blood. Turned out they lied about their abilities and really didn't create any new tech but used existing tech and due to the low sample size they had a number of false positive/negatives.
I think my fasts are about 90% correct but still if I can do that in a minute with no research I think that I "journalist" can manage to do that for 25 startups.

I think that it's particularly difficult to write about why a company failed. Theranos is an extreme example, because the root cause of the company's failure is pretty clear and because there's a lot of mindshare and commentary about their issues. For many other companies, failure is a culmination of many different issues, many of which are likely to be private. As a result, unless someone with good internal insight into the failure of the company makes a public post, a la Shyp founder Kevin [1], there likely isn't one comprehensive single cause of failure, and any speculation would likely be doing a disservice to the company.

[1] https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/i-cant-wait-you-see-what-we-d...

How did "rethink robotics" go out of business? I remember seen their robot in documentaries about the future of robotics in manufacturing and seen their robots in different tech conferences.

Probably because their product was toy-grade, slow and with inaccurate movements, not meeting the demands for the industry. It did look photogenic though.

1. A large number of these companies were hardware or healthcare related (some were both); presumably these would be harder to validate without significant upfront costs, increasing risk relative to price.

2. You can remove the autoplay video by selecting the element in dev tools and deleting the div.

A couple of these had smaller max valuations than amount raised this seems independent of year founded.

What's the explanation? Several funding rounds with high burn rate? ...

Startup equity rounds are typically disclosed publicly, but the valuations might not be (for a variety of reasons, one of which is that valuations can be used as a proxy for the health of the company, which the company may want to keep private). Pitchbook likely only uses publicly known/verified valuations, which may not reflect the actual valuation at the latest round of fundraising.

Either they did late stage down rounds, or the data is just wrong.

Rethink robotics ... snif

You will be missed.

Should read worthless startups.

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