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That's fair. The President can run his press group however he wants.

But we, as citizens, can also fairly criticize the President for pushing the doctored video and lying to us. This doctored video is proof positive that the White House Press Secretary is willing to photoshop videos to push their viewpoint.

This is a sad day in America. We all know the technology is possible, but to use it on such a trivial issue as "who was trying to grab the microphone" just demonstrates the poor sense of judgement of the current administration.


The President has the ability to revoke the Press Pass of whoever he wants. But why would they push a false story while doing so? This isn't even that important of an issue, but to see them doctoring up videos and pushing them around is... worrying... to me.

The video wasn't doctored. They're arguing about the frame rate and whether it was sped up or down. Acosta clearly used force against the staffer's arm. Whether he used 100 Newtons or 200 Newtons... nobody cares. It's the principle, and the disruption and the grandstanding.

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