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Show HN: An easy way to type messages on your Apple Watch (idownloadblog.com)
2 points by egocentric 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

Developer here. FlickType is the keyboard app I’ve always felt was missing from my Apple Watch.


I’ve always thought Scribble is too slow, Siri doesn’t always work, and canned replies feel… canned. I asked myself, could a regular (QWERTY) keyboard somehow be not just bearable, but actually comfortable to type on?


My solution uses two simple flick gestures and a unique correction algorithm, and it almost feels like you're typing on your phone with one hand - surprisingly comfortable!


Yes! So you can now reply to messages straight from your wrist when the situation arises — and it might be more often than you think!

Take my $$$!

Oh, it's completely free. But if you love it so much, there's also a paid version that you can use on your iPhone :)


This is just the first iteration of the watch app — expect a lot more to come. Tell me what you think and how I can make it better!

Thank you, Kosta

PS: For some more background, read my wife's recent post "Designing for Inherent Universal Gains": https://medium.com/@flicktype/designing-for-inherent-univers...

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