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matan_a 72 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite

This is a very obvious troll against trans rights and should be completely disregarded. I'm absolutely amazed at the credulousness of the media on this, in even choosing to spend time on reporting it as news. It belongs in a denouncement in an opinion piece, if anywhere.

I don't think this is something that is worthy of being promoted in the media. I think the actual issue is seems to be more of a record keeping/bureaucrat type of conflict.

The main point of contention: how much control should the individual have against the official certified record. The dependency issue is that particular services are rendered based on these attributes. If he gets his way, why shouldn't I turn myself into 69.5 years old so I can pull that (very little) sweet 401k money, or pull social security?

There is no issue, it's absurd on its face. To start to consider or discuss it is to legitimise someone who is very clearly trying to get one over on you.

What is he trying to get over on us? The fact that we discussed if the idea has merit?

His stated motivation for the idea is amusing/ridiculous/absurd (choose your descriptor). However, his idea brings up some points about the stability of record keeping and how entitlements are given.

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