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Show HN: Owwly.com – Top digital products and trends in design (owwly.com)
7 points by Wolfmother 4 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

I'm lost. What is this site about? What is the feed page showing me and what am I supposed to do?

I couldn't find the "about us" page, which normally helps me understand what the site is about, and what I should look for. It may be helpful to include that (and a menu button / menu bar at the bottom..?)

It's probably me, but this is too minimalist and context-free for me to actually get anything out of it. Maybe I'm not part of the target audience?

Not just you. All I see is mostly a Dribbble feed, so I can’t really connect these random shots to the alleged purpose of the site: “top digital products and trends in design”

Hi @moh_maya and @eswat - so glad to hear your feedback :)

mom_maya - you can read about us and about vision on main page on the left panel

@eswat - you are totally right. Currently most of works come from Dribbble. But if you change the main tab to "Products" you can browse through digital products from different categories.

We have a plan to empower users to add also their personal works to build digital portfolio.

Hey, thanks for the reply. I'm browsing on my smartphone (android 8 / chrome), and all I see are 3 navigation cues on the screen: 1) feed 2) products 3) an "up" arrow floating at the bottom right to take me up.

Clicking on the logo takes me to the feed page. So I can't seem to find the left panel at all..or get to the main page (unless the main page is the feed page)?

Appreciate your reply! :)

And now everything is clear - this section is available only on desktop ;) You know, less space on the phone lead us to focus on the most important thing - The Content.

Have a nice day!

Nothing wrong with curating good quality design work and posting it for others to see; I'll probably come back to check out more of the feed.

But why on earth is this listed on Product Hunt? This is a website with links to other people's content. A million sites with URLS like something.blogspot.com have done the exact same thing you have. What makes this a "product"?

Hi @rchaud, good question :) Owwly vision is pretty define - build tool for Product Designers who want to present their digital products in one place. What you see now is, let say, MVP version :) My goal is to measure users engagement and check how they use Owwly.

Once we are convinced users like our product, it will be an indicator to start new phase. This Phase should include possibility to log in and add work to Owwly.

So this is like ProductHunt for UI/UX related products with a dribble feed?

Hi @aminmemon Let me rephrase it - "It looks like Product Hunt for UI/UX related products with feed from design industry(Behance, Medium, Dribbble)" ;)

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