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Ask HN: Good computer architecture books?
6 points by mettamage 75 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments
This question has been asked 9 years ago and couldn't find anything else.

I've read Structured Computer Organization by Andrew Tanenbaum and Todd Austin. While it was a good book I wonder what do you guys think are good books?

I've noticed I need to look for a good book because my knowledge on caching is just a bit too low (e.g. thinking that the tag, index and offset were stored in the 64 bytes in Intel caches -- this is false).

Not a single book. But Onur Mutlu's CMU course is a great start


Hennessy & Patterson is the standard text:


Thanks nonEUCitizen and ArtWomb. I will check it out.

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