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TiDB Cloud, Managed as a Service and in the Marketplace (pingcap.com)
64 points by ceohockey60 72 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

I have been following TiDB and TiKV for a very long time and whenever I would look at it, I would be quite impressed. Code base is very clean and well structured, architecture is great as well. Really looking forward to see more adoption of this database :) Since it's a Go & Rust project, memory requirements shouldn't be high as well.

I'd love to hear from someone who has done a thorough evaluation of TiDB vs CockroachDB for production purposes.

Anyone out there?

To me the following are the main differences:

- CRDB talks Postgres Protocol and Dialect, TiDB talks Mysql Protocol and Dialect.

- TiDB is OLTP+OLAP, CRDB is OLTP only.

- CRDB is a single binary, TiDB has more moving parts/can be used in different ways.

I picked CockroachDB because it's Follow-the-workload[0] and Interleaved tables[1] included in their Community Edition, I'm a Postgres person so it was a natural fit. Also it's the little things, I made a comment in a closed issue and somebody paid attention in less than a day[2] which makes me feel closer to them.

On the other hand, the fact that TiDB claims OLTP+OLAP feels like they're moving faster than CockroachLabs, PingCAP also says they have 25 companies using TiDB[3] where CockroachLabs has less than 10 known study cases[4].






What's your scale ?

In addition to the differences other commentators have added, I've personally found out that TiDB doesn't support Foreign Key constraints and Cockroach DB does.

Many users are already starting with a strong preference for mysql (tidb) or postgres (crdb) and more focused on that comparison. If you're starting from scratch or otherwise able to choose you would want to try to characterize your workload since each database has it's pros and cons depending on your production needs.

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