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Dennis Hof, Dead Brothel Owner, Cruises to Victory in Nevada State Election (nytimes.com)
31 points by rustcharm 72 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

Remember when john ashcroft lost to a dead guy?


It made sense when I got to this part...

His election means that county commissioners from his district will pick a replacement, who must be a Republican and live there. That will most likely play out in the coming weeks after the election results are confirmed on Friday, said Arnold Knightly, a spokesman for Nye County, the main county in Mr. Hof’s district.

That's what I was thinking. The majority still wanted a Republican, and they'll get one, though they won't have as much say in who that person is, exactly.

I drove through Hof's district last year and picked up his memoir "The Art of the Pimp", which was stacked high in the gas stations.

Hof was a selfish man with selfish politics, but it was a fascinating read, and weirdly honest; i.e. Hof deliberately did not make himself look good in his own memoir. I have no idea why.


That's the best NYT headline I've seen, even if it doesn't equal the NY Post's "Headless Body in Topless Bar".

For the sake of clarity, the headline is currently "Dennis Hof, Dead Brothel Owner, Cruises to Victory in Nevada State Election". Prostitution is legal in Nevada. Hof has been accused of rape and sexual assault. Hof held a campaign event the night before his death with a porn actor (Ron Jeremy) and an unofficial symbol of the GOP who was found guilty of egregious racial profiling by the Department of Justice while working in law enforcement (Joe Arpaio). His opponent was a woman who is alive.

The article has some truly disturbing insight from a local professor of Political Science and has tremendous value beyond a funny headline. I am glad that the headline has been revised.

  found guilty of egregious racial profiling by the Department of Justice
The DOJ can't "find" anybody "guilty" of any crime. That's what juries are for. Obama's DOJ sued his department.

That is correct. It was a federal court that convicted him of racial profiling. He also cost the taxpayers 4 million dollars (out of a total of about 150 million) by failing to cooperate with legal proceedings and being charged with contempt.

For the sake of clarity, a jury is not required to be found guilty. An accused person has a right to a trial by jury but that right is usually not exercised due to the cost of litigation.

  convicted him of racial profiling
Again, false. He was convicted only of contempt of court, and he was pardoned for that.

Yes, the NY Times changed the headline (though evidence of it is still in the URL)

Even a dead pimp and brothel owner can win us elections with enough facebook sponsoring support. Imagine doing the same for presidency! Oh wait...

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