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This is more or less what we do with our our client-side switching solution at Streamroot: we first make sure the user has enough video segments in its buffer, and then we try to get the next video segments for different CDNs, so we're able to compare the download speeds, latency and RTT between the different CDNs without adding any overhead. You don't necessarily download the segments at the same time, but with some estimation and smoothing algoriths you're able to have some meaningful scores for each CDN. The concepts and problematics here are very close to the problematic of bandwidth estimation for HTTP Adaptive Bitrate streaming formats like HLS & DASH, because you have an instable network, and you are only able to estimate the bandwidth from discrete segment measurements. [0]

If you want to do it on a sub-asset (video segment, or image or JS file) level, it's possible by doing byte-range requests (ask bytes 0-100 from CDN A and 101-200 from CDN B), but in that case you still add some overhead for establishing the TCP connection, and in the end as you need the whole asset to use it, you'll just limit the download speed to the minimum of the two.


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