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Ask HN: What legal forms do you need?
23 points by anconia 4 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments
Hey all,

I am putting together a library of do-it-yourself legal forms for digital businesses (www.lawvolcano.com) and wondering what legal forms would you use? NDAs, etc.

I have a list of ideas but want to hear any thoughts.

Mutual/Bidirectional NDA, partnership agreement, JV agreement, royalty agreement, statement of work, employment/contractor agreements

Great suggestions!

Personally I just use RocketLawyer.com for all of these things. They make filling in the blanks easy, and most form inputs have explanations of what they are actually asking for.

I gotcha. I am focusing on do-it-yourself forms that other legal form providers may not have -- and designing these forms for digital businesses.

Its a good cause. I spend about $500/year on rocket lawyer! Make the forms easy to download and fill out, and you got a winner on your hands.

I once saw an employment agreement cause a revolt. Be sure things look reasonable from the perspective of both parties. Contracts should be as readable as possible, and only as long as required. People can walk away if things feel unfair.

in addition to what has already been said....

startup forms, tax forms, living will forms, freelance assistance forms enabling the solo- entrepreneur.

Visa type forms for helping with immigration h1-b etc.

SLA for differents types of services

excited to check your site after some of the 'coming soon' headlines disappear :-)

Any way to reach you and notify you after we launch more forms?

I subscribed :-) also added an email to my profile on here


MNDA, indep contractor, employee contract, the list at https://hofstadter.io/legal/ , master service agreement / SoW for service contracts

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