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> I can't tell you how _not_ offended I am. Just take my word for the fact that I couldn't really give a shit, I'm here to have my world view opened up not force my opinions down anyones throats.. unless it comes to systemd. I get offended by systemd.

This is an extremely normal thing for a person who is not mad and not offended to write. Your self-imposed nihilistic stoicism is cracking.

You're mad because you don't find my tone sufficiently deferential. I don't mind.

I my estimation, my mistake was engaging you further at all. You basically admitted to rules violation for downvotes and then defended it as saying, "You were not sufficiently receptive to my backhanded agreement."

But that's an unreasonable expectation. I don't expect you to understand why that is. Just like I don't expect you to understand what usecases systemd is actually dramatically superior for.

In the interests of the integrity of this forum and in not wasting our time further, I'm going to use a user script I have to block further posts by you for 3 months. Perhaps next time we engage each other it'll be over less of a life-or-death issue, and I can approach it with an attitude you find less frustrating. Thank you for your time, all the same.

Wow, I've responded cogently, earnestly and in good faith to everything you've posted.

This behaviour is pathetic. Please do not treat people like this in real life.

To this reader, nothing you've written is cogent, earnest, or in good faith, fwiw. I'm seeing a lot of projection, dissembly, disingenuousness, and now insults. Mods, are you seeing this or what?

I would be very interested to see what a moderator thinks about my conduct.

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