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This sounds similar to https://www.conviva.com/precision/

Unfortunately you need to know a lot more and the devil is in the details. Supporting the various streaming devices/browsers is a huge pain in the ass.

Full Disclosure: I worked for both Conviva, and Akamai.

Nikolay from Streamroot.io here, co-author of the article.

Yes Conviva provides a service that can give you information about the QoS for the CDN by aggregating data from their customers (they provide a video analytics solution), but it doesn't make the switching (nor on the server side or on the client side), so the video player would need to implement its own logic themselves.

The solution from Streamroot can use this kind of APIs like Conviva Precision, or the one from its competitors like Youbora and Cedexis, and the real value it adds is the client-side switching capability to the players, so it's quite complementary to those solutions.

And indeed the devil is in the details, that's why we built this client-side SDK so the customers don't have to implement all the logic themselves on each platform and device. It was easier for us as we already have SDKs and plugins for most players for our P2P hybrid delivery solution.

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