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Show HN: Cruip – Free landing page templates for startups (cruip.com)
222 points by pvitiello 4 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 31 comments

Amazing stuff - free templates are usually not design this well

These are great! I feel bad asking because they are free, but it would be great if you had the set of landing/beta/pre-launch/startup etc. all with the same theme. I'm starting up a project and it would be great to be able to keep the same look and feel through the product growth.

For a moment there I thought the social sign-ins were going to be a pay-with-a-tweet[1] type setup, but they only exist as a stepping stone to download the assets. It would be a great growth hack for the service if people had to tweet about the templates in order to download them. Also - no option for signing up with an email account. I don't have a Google, or Facebook account, and even if I did, I would still be reluctant to use those accounts to interact with third party websites (I would however use my e-mail to download the assets).

[1] https://www.paywithatweet.com/

These are great!

Are you just doing this to be nice? Or what's your strategy with this?

If I had to guess it would be exposure for custom work:

>Need a website or a custom landing page for your startup? CONTACT US

This is gorgeous! Always wanted a collection of these. Thanks

I did wish there was a Github link to see the code. I wanted to check if there was a theming option

In fact, the only way to download the code seems to log in with a Facebook, Twitter, or Google account.

I don't have either a Facebook nor Twitter account, and I certainly will not use my Google account for this. Yes, I know what OAuth is, and it is still a firm NO.

Yes, because unsubscribing or filtering an e-mail is significantly more difficult than hand-coding these templates...seriously, it's an e-mail address dude.

OP - really good stuff. I hope you do extremely well.

They are not asking for my email address. They want me to log in using a Facebook, Twitter, or Google account. That means that they potentially get access to my contacts and other personal data.

Yes, I know that I can review the permission. But I don't know what bug, exploits, permission changes, or mistakes will be made. I don't want to worry about that.

If they want an email address, I'll happily provide one. But I will not "log in" to their services.

Just create a throwaway Twitter account. Won’t take you more time then explaining your unwillingness to hand over your email here.

I get your apprehension, and, in fact, I up-voted you, but I'm not sure what better, "frictionless" way to get verified email address?

The only plausible alternative would be to send out an email with a download link in it, but that "costs" the designer an email credit, real money, or potentially extra development time vs just shipping with an out of the box multi-auth component built into some web framework.

Why do you need the downloader's email address?

Perhaps I don't understand your goal: are you trying to collect email addresses to build a marketing list, or are you trying to give stuff away for free?

Sorry if these are dumb questions: the website doesn't really explain the business model (if there is one), or if this done out of the goodness of one's heart.

I imagine you want people to try a free template and then ask for your services to customize it? Is that how it works?

Yes. It's called a lead magnet. I have no issue giving my (business) e-mail to get such beautifully designed templates for free. There's at least $100 of value on those sites. If they start sending e-mails not relevant to me, I can simply unsubscribe.

I'm guessing since they have a contact us and are probably a design agency, they are giving away free designs to "startups" so that they can build their list of potential clients they can contact later to do branding and design work.

> I'm not sure what better, "frictionless" way to get verified email address?

They could ask for my email address. That is not a problem. But I won't "log in" with my Google account and potentially leak, now or in the future, my contacts and other private information.

You would have to give permission to the application to see your contacts.

sucks for you. It's a free service -- so it's your loss.

Nothing's free in life.

In this case you pay with your social details. Ultimately everyone decides for themselves whether they find the price acceptable or not.

here's one of them I just put on gitHub to play with..


These are beautiful. Will be using it for my next launch

Another gallery template for startups https://www.lapa.ninja/

It would be so cool if these templates were built using a static generator - especially Reactjs/Gatsbyjs.

Cutting these templates into React is hard.

yes - I may convert one to jekyll or hugo next few days if I have time. These look great and code is clean.

you should really try gatsbyjs . The v2 version is blazingly fast. And its all react.

Very nice, so they're pure html and css? Not complaining, just interested

Complaining? Sounds more like a feature to me. :)

there's some js too. and scss to compile css.

I just threw one on github if you want to take a look here: https://github.com/adamlaz/temp-Ava

These are stunning. Reminds me of stripe's website.

Great source of inspiration also to make your own one!

Thank you :)

Really nice designs.

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