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Ledgex (https://ledgex.com) | Waltham, MA | Full-Time, Onsite OR Remote if in USA | Full Stack Senior .NET Engineer

We're a small group of engineers and investment professionals looking to expand our company. Ledgex is a FinTech company focused on developing software to help multi-asset investors (endowments, foundations, family offices, outsourced chief investment officers, and pensions) better manage their assets and their time.

We're hiring a few people to help start a new product with myself and a few others from the company. This is a greenfield project using our existing product as a guide.

- Full Stack Senior .NET Engineer - https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/207372/full-stack-senior-net-...

Find out more about our company here: https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/companies/ledgex

Tech Stack: ASP.NET Core (MVC on certain products), ReactJS/TypeScript (Backbone on certain products), Azure

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