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A time capsule in an Austrian salt mine (gq.com)
85 points by ForHackernews 6 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Pretty cool. Having visited salt mines in that part of Germany I think it is an amazing good place for the project, I really hope it survives changes in ownership if they occur.

I also like the idea of putting this stuff on fired clay tablets. I saw some tiles that had been laser etched (more as a home decor idea rather than an archival mechanism) and the clarity was spectacular. What I don't know is if folks have done the 'what this would like like in a thousand years' sort of aging/testing on them. It seems from the home decor tiles that the laser etching was not very deep so fairly simpler erosion would remove it. (unlike cuniform which is pressed a couple of mm deep into the clay before firing)

Some of the moon data he mentioned as lost may have been recovered (photos, though :-/) : https://www.wired.com/2014/04/lost-lunar-photos-recovered-by...

This is awesome, this guy just DIY'd Project Long Now (ah further reading makes think it's part of Long Now)

Can you share some links you found interesting, re: MOM and LN? I went to Long Now office once but it was also a bar so I did more sipping than reading.

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