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Oasis Labs| Software Engineer | San Francisco, USA | Full Time | ONSITE preferred though REMOTE available case by case.

We are an ambitious group here at Oasis Labs trying to define the next generation of computing by building a privacy first cloud computing platform with Blockchain technology. Oasis’s integrated hardware-software technologies aim to enable cloud-scale, real-world applications, including machine learning, for the first time on blockchain. Our biggest need right now are Software Engineers who enjoy backend focused problems particularly within distributed systems.

Our company was founded in July of 2018 and is backed by a16z crypto (among other great VCs). We are very much in this for the long haul as you can hopefully tell by our brief explanation above. If you are a Software Engineer looking to do meaningful work and tackle some of the more difficult challenges in this space please send an application through! We have 26 people on the team and 15 folks on Engineering with a relatively flat org structure currently that presents room for career growth.

Apply here: https://grnh.se/dd539f1d2

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