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It was on Fox news not even a week ago, and I've seen UK news segments on this as well.

I am fairly sure some of the audience here is acutely aware of this line of thinking. Note, for example, how many people are assuming I'm talking about the more common complaint of college statistics. I never once mentioned college or university. They think they know the argument I'm presenting even though I used language that in fact didn't present this population at all. The majority of respondents to my post have read into the argument, because they're aware of a variant of it, and have filled in the perceived gaps.

It is a general courtesy to indicate when you have retroactively edited your post.

More to the point, you were responding to a comment that had already introduced the caveat "outside of right wing circles," thereby rendering your observation a bit redundant.

1. I didn't substantially change the content of my post, only expanded on it in an obvious way.

2. "Outside of the political block with control of 2/3 of your government and an unpredictable split on the remaining third" is an absurd restriction to place on me for this conversation. Of course I ignored it. It was a disingenuous attempt to exclude politics from a subthread I had started specifically about government policies.

You conflating political rhetoric with government policies is predictable but no less disappointing. Throughout this thread you have moved the goal posts, begged the question, and strawman'd in circles, all to signal to presumably someone just how virtuous you are. Pathetic, really, but again expected.

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