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I'd recommend the following:

Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship [0] is a great book on writing and reading code.

Similarly, Clean Architecture: A Craftsman's Guide to Software Structure and Design [1] is, no surprise, a book on organizing and architecting software.

Designing Data-Intensive Applications [2] may be overkill for your situation, but it's a good read to get an idea about how large scale applications function.

The Architecture of Open Source Applications [3] is a fantastic free resource that walks through how many applications are built. As another comment mentioned, reading code and understanding how other programs are built are great ways to build your "how to do things" repertoire.

Finally, I'd also recommend taking some classes. I started as a self-taught developer, but I've since taken classes both in-person and online that have been a tremendous help. There are many available for free online, and if in-person classes work better for you (motivation, support, resources, etc), definitely go that route. They're a fantastic way to grow.

[0]: https://www.amazon.com/Clean-Code-Handbook-Software-Craftsma...

[1]: https://www.amazon.com/Clean-Architecture-Craftsmans-Softwar...

[2]: https://www.amazon.com/Designing-Data-Intensive-Applications...

[3]: http://aosabook.org/en/index.html

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