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CueSquared | Software Engineers | Remote | Phoenix, AZ | Los Angeles, CA | https://www.cuesquared.com

Help solve America's healthcare problem, one bill at a time. CueSquared is a fast growing startup looking for key early engineers. We save medical practices millions by replacing snail mail bills with secure sms payments and appointment reminders. Looking for a full stack engineer with: strong backend data processing skills; data modeling/processing data at scale; great software design; able to both work independently and with a team.

Medical billing may be an old industry, but we're using fresh tools to tackle the problem. * Java (spring-boot / micro services) * Well built cloud-based devops experience (AWS / Google Cloud) * Modern React frontend

Competitive salary and employee-friend stock plans. Come help save America's healthcare problem.

Contact wdolphin@cuesquared.com

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