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Fluidity / AirSwap | Frontend Engineer, Senior Backend Engineer, Lead Mobile Engineer | Williamsburg, New York City (NYC) | https://fluidity.io | ONSITE (but work remotely while developing!)

Fluidity is an innovative blockchain/crypto company forming the foundation of a new system of tokenization and trade. Last year, we raised $35M in an ICO; with our flagship AirSwap, we are building a system that brings local assets online using blockchain technology and makes them available for trade on a global marketplaceā€”directly among buyers and sellers.

If you feel you're a cultural match with the team (https://www.fluidity.io/team/), then apply to one of our open roles!

- https://codefor.cash/fluidity-frontend

- https://codefor.cash/fluidity-backend

- https://codefor.cash/fluidity-mobile

Here's how the hiring process works: 1) Cultural phone chat with some of the team; 2) Technical challenge; 3) Onsite interview including meeting with the founders; 4) Offer!

Applications are open for YC Summer 2019

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