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Envision | Android Developer | Delft,NL | Remote, ONSITE https://www.LetsEnvision.com/

Envision is a tool that speaks out the visual information in front of you using computer vision. It helps visually impaired people read text, recognise faces, objects and so much more. We currently have an iOS and Android app which have more than 3000 MAUs and hundreds of paying subscribers.

We're looking for a good Android developer who can help us continue to develop the app and also expand it's scope to work with IoT devices, etc. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for people who are interested in computer vision and the current mobile deep learning space.

The app is mostly written in Kotlin and extensively uses TF Lite for deploying computer vision modules. Here's what we're looking for:

1) More than 1 year experience with Android Development. 2) Experience with Java and Kotlin

Though we're based out of Delft, NL. We're also open to Remote applications from across EU. Eventually we would like for the Android developer to move to Delft.

Please send your CV to karthik@letsenvision.com.

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