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PicnicHealth (YC S14) | Design, Front-End, ML, Full-Stack, Security | SF | ONSITE, FULL-TIME, VISA | https://team.picnichealth.com/jobs?src=hn

Picnic’s mission is to structure the world’s medical data to make it useful. We work directly with patients to collect, digitize, and manage their complete medical records, giving them with control over their care. Beyond serving patients directly, we partner with biotech, genomics, and pharma companies who sponsor PicnicHealth accounts for research volunteers. Through this work we’re building the data sets that power some of today’s most cutting edge medical research. Our stack is React/Redux, Node, Python, Keras, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes.

Our product has literally saved some of our users' lives by unearthing issues in their medical records. We're growing rapidly — on pace for 20x this year. Our team is smart, hard-working, and passionate about fixing healthcare.

Let us know what you would bring to a Picnic!


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