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Project Rōnin | Product Managers, Product Designers | San Mateo, CA | ONSITE

We are on a mission to transform cancer intelligence by providing access to all the best clinical knowledge contextualized for the oncologist, truly personalized choices & shared decision making for every patient, and a dynamic deep learning data analytics engine fueled by real-world evidence.

You’d be an early member of the product team, working on building our flagship product and helping steer the strategy for the future of oncology. At Project Rōnin, product managers and designers build 10X-100X products that ambitiously change how medicine is practiced. We are relentlessly passionate about designing and building a better world for patients and clinicians; are insatiably intellectually curious about the most important problems to solve and solutions to build; thrive in ambiguous, chaotic situations that we manage with ease and optimism; and have a fearless bias towards action that is data-driven, purposeful, and focused.

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/projectronin or send us an email to hiring@projectronin.com

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