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Ask HN: Standing desk hacks?
3 points by kolchak on Oct 26, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
I work in a cubicle farm (in my case, 6'x8', drawers/shelves on one side, formica desk surface wrapped around 2 sides, pre-drilled hole in the desk for workstation cables.) The company will make some inexpensive accommodations regarding ergonomic chairs, and keyboard trays, but I'm interested in working while standing.

I've jury-rigged a set-up, but I'd like to hear of any good hacks or commercial equipment that integrates with/attaches to an existing cube desk to enable comfortable, healthy stand-up work.


Ergonomic chairs can be quite expensive. I just bought a desk at IKEA for $200 canadian.


move the shelves down, raise the 'desk' up and voila! a proper nerd-station. :)


Before that I was using stacks of phone books and stuff. I love working while standing up.

-- edit -- I guess that's probably not useful for you ... but lifehacker had a great series of articles on stand-desking which inspired me :)


I found these plans for building an electric sit/stand desk, but haven't seen them live so I can't vouch for them. Looks like a fun project (for $15 of plans and $700 of materials).


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