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Ask HN: Who is hiring? (November 2018)
539 points by whoishiring on Nov 1, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 1051 comments
Please state the job location and include the keywords REMOTE, INTERNS and/or VISA when the corresponding sort of candidate is welcome. When remote work is not an option, include ONSITE.

Please only post if you personally are part of the hiring company—no recruiting firms or job boards. Only one post per company, please. If it isn't a household name, explain what your company does.

Commenters: please don't reply to job posts to complain about something. It's off topic here.

Readers: please only email if you personally are interested in the job—no recruiters or sales calls.

To search the thread, you can try kennytilton's https://kennytilton.github.io/whoishiring/, gadogado's https://hnhired.com/, or kristopolous' console script at https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10313519.

Let's Encrypt | Director of Site Reliability Engineering | United States or Canada | REMOTE

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority.

You will lead a relatively experienced six-person team responsible for maintaining and evolving the operational infrastructure for the Let’s Encrypt certificate authority. This includes the physical infrastructure, software deployments, monitoring and alerting, and related policies and procedures that provide secure and reliable service to more than 130 million websites around the world. We expect this number to grow rapidly.

This is one of the most critical technical positions at Let’s Encrypt, and as such it’s a unique opportunity to have an enormous impact on creating a more secure and privacy-respecting Web.

For more information, including how to apply, please visit:


Microsoft | Consultants, Architects, Software Engineers, and everything else| REMOTE, INTERNS, WORLDWIDE

Microsoft is recruiting across all technical roles. Our engineering roles are primarily located in the major tech hubs (Seattle/Redmond, Bay Area, Boston, London, etc...), but we also have a large remote "field" doing application development work in consulting, highly advanced technical support, and technical sales support.

We write code and provide advice that delivers the largest, most complex and strategic implementations of Microsoft technologies for external customers. As we are a distributed organization, at least 50% travel is expected. Recruiting is being conducted broadly across all technical stacks. If you are a great developer and eager to learn new technologies or platforms, we want to talk to you.

Example projects include: developing blockchain based inventory control systems, tracking biological pathogens, reinventing an organization's recruiting platform and process, developing massive IoT telemetry ingestion platforms, and building media delivery platforms for some of the biggest sporting events in the world.

You can reach out to me directly by going to https://aka.ms/AppsHnRecruit or you can apply to Microsoft at https://careers.microsoft.com/us/en

Of all companies, I never expected Microsoft to be remote friendly. Nice.

I worked there for a long time as a Senior Developer. I certainly wouldn't call it remote friendly unless you have a manager willing to fight for your ability to work remote.

We are hiring for field (consulting, support, tech sales/architecture and some customer facing engineering) positions remotely, with varying degrees of travel. Core engineering teams are still largely on Prem, although I’ve been delivering software on the consulting side so long I’m a bit out of touch there.

If this is the division I am part of, there are definitely remote friendly roles available. The nature of the role will impact travel. My current role balance is about 25% travel, 30-50% coding, the remainder mentoring, design, etc.

Any Engineering positions REMOTE?

Core engineering, not really, although Xamarin might be an exception. Customer facing engineering, consulting, support engineering, and other field based software dev roles are primarily distributed, with varying degrees of travel. Ive been doing application development in the consulting services wing for quite a while now, so I’m a bit out of touch with the product engineering groups.

Hi Chris, thanks for posting. Just reached out to you via HN form. Cheers!

United States Digital Service | Senior Software Engineers, Senior Site Reliability Engineers, Senior Designers, and more! | Washington, DC | ONSITE https://www.usds.gov/

The best of technology. The best of government. And we want you. We're looking for the most tenacious designers, software engineers, product managers, and more, who are committed to untangling, rewiring and redesigning critical government services. You'll join a team of the most talented technologists from across the private sector and government. No government resume required! We work on some of the biggest issues affecting the American people there are, immigration, veterans service, students, health care, and more. We're especially looking for talented senior engineers to join us to help shift move government tech in the right direction.

See one of our Reports to Congress for examples of what you could be working on:


Apply here:


We've got a lot of impactful projects to work on. It turns out that government systems/technology need a lot of help, and USDS is well-positioned to assist.

I applaud you for what you're doing. I also know you've heard this 100 times Matt, but maybe it'll be the 101st time that makes the decisions makers allow this. Allow remote.

This country spans a large area & a lot of it is full of people who would love to help their country do better, but few want to move to DC. The US "Digital" Service should be a shining example to others of how to work remotely.

I hear you. Right now a lot of our meetings involve sitting with or across from decision makers, and being in DC is really critical for that.

For what it's worth, some of our individual agency engagements (e.g. VA or DoD) might allow you to come to DC for a short while like three months and then work remotely after that. But most of our work is in DC, at least for now.

If that was something you promoted for the summer months when school is out & one could bring their family with, I think you would have a lot of takers.

Best wishes!

Just keep senior people there as code reviewers and 'account managers' who would sit down with stakeholders from DC. Then open source some of the other projects or at least add approved citizens that could work remotely on low-security projects. (Like some of the commenters above).

I’ve said it to you before, and I’ll say it again, thank you for your service Matt. Listened to you on the TWiT network and have followed your career ever since.

I’m on vacation this week, and while my wife reads, I spelunk data in the US Census and American Community Survey. I’ve been looking this week at polling proximity for voters based on demographics and RUCA coding, to see how fair access is to voting throughout the country. I’ve had to primarily use third party data sources because the government datasets are poor or non existent (thanks to Census Reporter, Google Civic API, and Google Distance Matrix API).

I hope other engineers like yourself take the challenge and seek to improve our technology. We need it, and it’s important!

Thanks again Matt.

It sounds like your current gig would keep you 100% busy, but if timing or life changes might allow for you to come do a tour, it sounds you've been bit by the same civic bug as us!

Definitely. Maybe need to get Google to buy my startup and I’ll go spend a couple years in service :)

If I’m ever in DC I’ll reach out. Would love to take a tour and learn more.

Best of luck to you and the team, Matt. Email is in my profile if I can ever be of assistance.

Is USDS doing any work with the IRS? I'm currently working at a tax policy think tank, and from what I can see I think the IRS could definitely use help on a number of fronts. Probably the biggest thing: they've got to finish rewriting their tax filing system to not be in assembly--don't know if they've made good progress on getting it into Java. Their SOI data could also use a better system for hosting/distribution along the lines of data.gov.

We have done some work with the IRS in the past, such as https://www.usds.gov/report-to-congress/2016/irs-secure-acce...

We don't currently have an engagement at the IRS/Treasury, but if we get more people to sign up, that would increase the odds. :)

Just FYI the IRS is hiring directly. I keep seeing them advertising open software engineering positions in Austin, TX, though I'm uncertain about other locations.

Please don’t help the irs.

Are you Libertarian or do you have a non-partisan objection to the IRS specifically?

In my experience, "starving the beast" just means you're locked in a room with a starving beast. Bureaucracies can be awful to deal with. But if you strip them of resources, the laws that dictate their mission are unchanged. Any hope of expedient resolution of issues is gone. People who, often through no choice of their own, must deal with these bureaucracies will receive worst treatment and outcomes. Unpopular though the IRS may be, an IRS that can't function correctly is more dangerous to individuals and society than one that can.

I'm struggling to think of any legitimate objection to the IRS that could be non-partisan.

It's always been my daydream to work with a company like this and serve my country.

At my current job I joined because it directly helps people as well by helping them shed off debt they cannot handle. We all do what we can to help others. Kudos to you!

That's important! We have done some work on that around student loans: https://medium.com/the-u-s-digital-service/what-if-you-could...

If you're interested, consider applying!

It's too bad that there aren't intern positions. Lots of DC students would be interested I'm sure.

You might want to check out https://www.fedscoop.com/civic-digital-fellows-demo-day-2018... if you're looking for that!

Any nontechnical roles ever come up? I'm at the e-Residency program in Estonia leading a team but definitely want to come back to the States and serve at some point

Most of our work involves engineers, designers, and product managers. Under the product category, there's also the notion of a "bureaucracy hacker" who helps get things done and launched. Those folks might not always be super technical, but are good at pushing to make forward progress.

I am impressed with the work your team is doing!

Has the current administration changed the work/mission/culture at all?

We work on non-partisan projects, and the way we prioritize projects hasn't changed. So we're still able to get important things done for Veterans, small businesses, doctors/patients, students, immigrants, soldiers, etc.

This is a recent overview of the sort of projects that we're working on: https://www.usds.gov/report-to-congress/2017/fall/ It's all great stuff that you'd feel proud to tell your family and friends about.

> We work on non-partisan projects

As the existence and prioritization of executive branch projects is an outcome of partisan politics, that's only even possibly true in the sense that some government projects, even in this administration, aren't particularly subject to partisan controversy.

But while it would be possibly true in that sense, it doesn't seem to be actually true in that sense, as a review of the highlight projects at https://www.usds.gov/work shows that many serve goals that have been the subject of intense partisan controversy over the last couple years.

This is interesting. I’m a veteran and know first hand how terrible the system can be.

I’ve taight myself JavaScript and have recently learned Django with my current position. I don’t have any plans to leave the company now, but working on systems that can help out fellow veterans more easily is tempting.

Maybe in a year or two I’ll revisit this :)

You might consider applying. We're well-positioned to improve things at Veterans Affairs. I've had a Veteran say "I had trouble deciding about my GI Bill benefits. I'd like to build a tool to make it easier for other Veterans." And then they did!

Check out this GI Bill comparison tool that Marc (the Veteran I mentioned) built: https://www.vets.gov/gi-bill-comparison-tool/ . Seeing vets help out brothers and sisters who have served is really inspiring.

Coinbase | Payments Engineering | San Francisco, Chicago, London | Full-time | Onsite

At Coinbase (YC S12), our vision is to bring more innovation, efficiency, and equality of opportunity to the world by building an open financial system.

We’re looking for people to join our Payments Engineering team. Payments team is one of the most mission-critical engineering teams at Coinbase and is in charge of connecting our products with a wide variety of blockchain networks in a reliable, secure, and extensible way. In this role, you’ll be at the center of the team that connects the world’s largest crypto exchange to new assets and integrate new fiat payment rails to the Coinbase platform.

Questions or want to say hi? Reach out to us directly: namrata.ganatra+hn@coinbase.com

Here are some projects that you will be working on:

1)Integrating with cutting-edge Blockchain networks to add new Crypto assets on the platform

2) Scaling our real-time payments-processing platform that millions of users across the world rely on every day.

3) Building microservices for transactions processing and integrating with payment processors for international expansion

4) Implement self-correcting and fault-tolerant systems to provide reliability over unreliable providers.

5) Provide real-time balances and positions for accounts on the Coinbase platform

Tech Stack: Ruby, Rust, Java, GoLang, Postgres, Distributed systems, MongoDB, Redis, Docker

Apply for openings here https://coinbase.com/careers or Reach out to us directly at namrata.ganatra+hn@coinbase.com

Come join us! To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/coinbase!

How does this post stay on the top page despite being submitted 21 hrs ago ? :)

Boston Dynamics | Various Roles | Waltham, MA | ONSITE | https://www.bostondynamics.com/jobs

Boston Dynamics is a leading developer of advanced dynamic robots, including Spot, Atlas, Handle, and others. We love to create innovative machines that combine advanced control systems, software, sophisticated mechanical designs, onboard sensing and perception, and extraordinary behavior.

Folks here are hard-working, humble, helpful and enjoy a good work-life balance.

We're hiring for a wide variety of positions - such as Machinists, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and a wide variety of Software Engineering positions. While prior robotics experience is nice, for many positions it is not a requirement.

Please apply on the job posting page (https://www.bostondynamics.com/jobs). Thanks!

Hey, are your positions available to U.S Citizens only? I've got a lot of relevant robotics experience that I think would make me a great fit.


Hey! I saw that you are not currently taking summer interns. Do you do off cycle internships by any chance?

No off cycle internships at this point - but thanks for asking!

Command E | Lead Engineer (#1) | San Francisco, CA | Onsite/Remote | Full Time

We're building a next-generation search tool, and we're hiring employee #1—a lead engineer who wants to get in at the ground floor (pre-seed/seed stage). Both co-founders are engineers who worked at First Round Capital, Eventbrite, and Digg. We worked together at a top VC firm for 3 years and have a healthy mix of engineering skills + business sense. We’re looking for a unique engineer who is persistent, exploratory, multi-disciplinary, and demonstrates leadership.

Command E helps provides effortless, lightning-fast navigation of your chaotic workspace. Command E lets you instantly search your cloud data (i.e. Google Drive, Salesforce, Trello/Asana, Dropbox/Box, wikis, and more). We’re bringing the “fuzzy finder” file-switching experience of vi/Emacs/IDEs to business people. Our unique technology searches across many cloud providers and displays results as you type, in less than 10ms.

Our stack is Electron/React/Redux/SQLite. We’re using ES6, async/await, Promises, and all the cool new JavaScript stuff, but the search index is backed by rock-solid native SQLite/C++. From a technical perspective there's tons of fun space to explore—high-performance full-text search indexing, fast async UIs, modern dev frameworks, encryption, or deploying cross-platform desktop apps.

We're at 3rd & Market in San Francisco and have legendary VC/angel investors. We met each other 4 years ago through a "Who's Hiring?” thread, so we're excited to see who responds to this one!

There isn't much publicly available about us yet, but email benstandefer at gmail dot com and I'll share all the details.

email sent!

Skydio | Software Engineer - Skills SDK | Redwood City, CA | ONSITE VISA | Full-time

Skydio makes the most advanced autonomous flying robots in the world today, and have an unprecedented opportunity to put autonomous UAVs to work at scale. Come design and build public-facing APIs that drive the growth and development of the Skydio Autonomy Platform, from early beta into product maturity and widespread adoption. You will define and lead technical development APIs for autonomous drones targeted towards enterprise and consumer markets. Funding 70M+.

Looking for: High proficiency in Python, Javascript, C++. Experience designing, building, and managing substantial software APIs. Strong communication skills, interface effectively with internal engineering team and external partners. Experience with and understanding of full-stack software principles; Security protocols, performance analysis, cloud compute resource management, documentation. Strong analytical skills; Vector Math, 3D Rotations, Basic Linear Algebra and Calculus. Knowledge and experience with robotics systems, specifically with UAVs. Passion for flight.

IEEE on SDK: https://bit.ly/2JCpsIx

Coverage: https://www.skydio.com/press/


"The most advanced autonomous device available today". This looks like the dream product many wish they were building. Your autonomy platform may well become ubiquitous. Look forward to playing with it someday ;)

It looks like that email address is bouncing.

try trevor@skydio.com

Slite | Paris or Remote (CET -2 / +2) | Full-time | https://slite.com

At Slite (YC W18), we're a friendly bunch excited to bring the power of notes to teams and change the way they share knowledge!

Meet the team here https://jobs.slite.com/.

Our team is distributed across 4 cities and counting. We believe in empathy, transparency, asynchronism and remote.

We run on React / Redux - Node.js /GraphQL / Docker / Kubernetes

We are hiring for:

- Lead Engineer — help build, manage, and scale Slite API, lead one of our squads — https://jobs.slite.com/lead-engineer/en

- Software Engineer — join one of our squads as a SE and help us deliver on our roadmap — https://jobs.slite.com/software-engineer/en

Hi! I've worked as a developer at Slite for 2 years.

I've had a lot of opportunities to learn and try things. The team is super friendly and positive. We managed to get a proper remote policy that works.

Thats awesome to hear. If possible can you share additional details about your successful remote policy? Our team is currently working on this as well. We have lots of ideas but it's always good to hear what has worked.

This interview with Chris (CEO) also covers remote & effective team content collaboration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1148&v=V3UhQZKOr...

We have some posts on medium around the subject. IE: https://medium.com/slite/how-were-building-our-remote-cultur...

Designer here working remotely at Slite. Feel empowered by the devs here who are all on the top of their game. It’s an equally laidback and intensely focused culture where you get things done all the time. Just wanted to recommend - don’t miss the chance to apply!

Just finished sending in my Application! I like the responses from your team here!

We are going to review it. Thanks for applying!

Full disclosure: Current slite employee.

This is the first time that I have the chance to both have a blast doing what I like and grow as an engineer as much as I do here.

Come say hi, and let's chat!

Applied! Just tried out the app and will be using it next week to keep track of my dev tasks. Looks and feels great so far

Working there remotely since 5 months, awesome team with an awesome product. Happy to answer any questions!

Is GraphQL experience a must have?

GraphQL is a nice addition but if you have a solid knowledge about JavaScript and REST APIs, learning GraphQL shouldn't be too hard.

So no, GraphQL is not a must have :)

Any Chance of visa sponsor/work permits for foreign candidates?

We are currently not sponsoring or giving work permits to foreign candidates. Where are you located so I can better answer?

Passenger AI | Toronto | $100-160K + 0.1-1.0% equity | Full-time Onsite

I’m the founder/CEO. In 2017 I moved from startups in SF to Volkswagen in Detroit to learn about the trillion $ industry we know will transform over the next decade. I left this past April to start Passenger AI which is building remote monitoring tools for robotaxi operations. In the past 7 months, we’ve raised from top-tier VCs, built up a team of 8 (Mozilla, Lyft, Pivotal etc.) and brought on some great customers.

We moved into a new office today with a garage so we can touch/feel our product everyday.

We’re hiring engineers for DevOps, Media Streaming and ML/CV. (https://angel.co/passenger-ai/jobs)

Email me at martin@passenger.ai if you want to learn more.

No recruitment-type services please.

Rigetti | Quantum Computing | Berkeley, CA | Onsite

Rigetti Computing is building the world’s most powerful computers to help solve humanity’s most pressing and important problems.

We're hiring software engineers, data engineers, and data scientists as well as for other positions: https://www.rigetti.com/careers

We're particularly interested in engineers and scientists who are comfortable working with manufacturing and experimental data. Prior experience with SQL, Julia, Python, Typescript, Docker, and/or visualization is helpful, as is a background in the physical science or experience working in a laboratory setting. If this sounds like you, please also email alex.mellnik@ and steven@ the expected suffix directly.

TSM (Team SoloMid) | Los Angeles | Onsite, relocation offered | Full-Time

We're hiring frontend (React), backend (Elixir, Cassandra, Postgres), and computer vision (OpenCV) engineers to help build the future for gaming.

TSM is one of the most recognizable brands in Esports. We started out as a tech company by writing guides on our own website, then automating the process with probuilds.net. Later, we found success in Esports as one of the pioneers in the industry. We're looking to create software that helps push competitive gaming one step further. More specifically we're looking for 1-2 more engineers to join our engineering team in Los Angeles, where we're developing a desktop and mobile app that uses computer vision and data-driven insights to help gamers across all platforms to better their in-game performance. We plan to make this tool for every game - starting with the major ones as a benchmark: League of Legends, Fortnite, COD4, CS:GO, Hearthstone, Dota.

More details on the positions here:




If interested, please email adil@solomid.net. For more questions you can reach out on Twitter as well @officiadil.

Citus Data | Software Engineer | Waterloo, ON, Canada / San Francisco, US / Amsterdam, Netherlands | Full-Time Onsite | https://www.citusdata.com/jobs/

We're looking for software engineers on the database development team which is responsible for development of the Citus extension and related tools, and providing custom solutions for customers. Programming is done primarily in C, but without all the usual messiness thanks to Postgres' elegant internal APIs. We also build tools to help customers in whichever language is appropriate. If you're interested in working on distributed SQL, high availability, distributed transactions, seamless scale out, and other parts of a distributed database, and you're excited about working in a distributed organisations with engineers from companies like Amazon/Heroku/Google/Uber then Citus might be the place for you.

To see our other positions visit: https://www.citusdata.com/jobs/

Apply by sending your resume to hadi@citusdata.com or imagine@citusdata.com.

Netflix | Senior Software Engineer | Los Gatos, CA | ONSITE

How do we make our system more resilient? We find vulnerabilities and risks in our system before they lead to customer-facing outages. To find vulnerabilities, we build Chaos tools that allow us to inject events that we expect the system to handle, and check that the service stays healthy. We are currently leveraging these tools to build a platform for load testing services with production traffic. This platform allows us to better understand the limits of our production systems. Finally, we track patterns of risks and vulnerabilities, which inform us of our biggest availability challenges and help us come up with risk mitigation strategies.


Could you tell us more about the culture?

We encourage independent decision-making by employees. We share information openly, broadly, and deliberately. We are extraordinarily candid with each other. We keep only our highly effective people. We avoid rules.

Learn more: jobs.netflix.com/culture or feel free to send me an email (aaronb@netflix.com)

Lightning Labs | Frontend Developer, Crypto Protocol Engineer | San Francisco | Onsite or Remote | Full-time



Lightning Labs is hiring! We’re looking to expand our team to build technology that scales Bitcoin and blockchains. Our current focus is the development and deployment of the Lightning Network, an open blockchain scalability protocol. We push the edge of innovation with regard to blockchain scalability, privacy-preserving smart contracts, and cryptocurrency UX.

If you’re interested in one of the positions below, please send a brief description of your relevant experience and resume/github to jobs@lightning.engineering. And if you know someone who might be a good fit, we'd very much appreciate any referrals.

{Crypto Protocol Engineer}:

Experienced systems software engineer versed in applied cryptography, peer-to-peer networks, distributed systems, open source software, and cryptocurrency protocols to design and implement core protocol and algorithmic components of the Lightning Network. Solid programming skills, experience with Go, C, or C++. Prior contributions to crypto protocols and open source software collaboration preferred.

{Frontend Application Developer}:

Frontend developer to build secure cross-platform second-layer blockchain applications. Our applications are built on React, React Native, MobX, and Electron, communicating with a Lightning daemon over a binary RPC protocol. Ideal applicants will have experience building and shipping React Native applications and maintaining open source projects.

Rescale | San Francisco | ONSITE | https://jobs.lever.co/rescale

Rescale offers a software platform and hardware infrastructure for companies to perform scientific and engineering simulation. (We're an HPC Cloud Platform)

We are a Y Combinator startup with top investors: Jeff Bezos, Paul Graham, Marc Andreessen, Richard Branson, Peter Thiel, & a bunch of others. We have about 80 employees scattered around the world, with about 15 software developers all located in San Francisco. The company still feels small and everyone is pretty tight. Work atmosphere is fun & friendly.

We recently closed Series B ($32MM), just moved into a new office this week. All departments are hiring. It's exciting, a lot of opportunity, interesting technical problems to solve, definitely a good time to join. Devs that come in now will have the opportunity to have a big impact on the future of our company, our code & our culture.

We're currently looking for: Senior Backend Engineer, Senior Frontend Engineer, Senior DevOps Engineer, Software Engineer, Senior HPC Engineer, Data Engineer, HPC Engineer, Platform and Applications Engineer

Please check us out: https://jobs.lever.co/rescale

Indeed | indeed.com | Full Stack Developer (React) | Remote

Indeed is hiring remote full stack developers (React and Ruby).

If interested, please email krbowman@indeed.com.

The Role: -Our Assessments team has a simple mission: help candidates get the right job. We let people build a profile to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities using job assessments… we’re trying to make the resume a thing of the past.

-Our team is highly distributed geographically so this position is open to remote candidates anywhere in the US or Canada.

-Our team is nimble and scrappy. We ship new capabilities often and quickly by explicitly asking ourselves the 80/20 question a.k.a. the Pareto Principle.

You will:

- Build the core functionality of our assessments platform and own design and execution - Develop our API and integrations with external applicant tracking systems like Greenhouse and Jobvite - Scale to serve 100M+ job seekers

What we are looking for: -Deep web application development experience for complex apps. -Our stack is ReactJS and Ruby on Rails - 3+ years of recent industry experience - Must have experience with architecture, scalable systems and conducting code reviews - Must be proficient in either React or RoR with working knowledge of the other.

Stasis Labs | Software Engineer - Web, Software Engineer - Mobile | Bangalore, India | ONSITE | https://www.stasislabs.com/

Hospitals today heavily rely on nurses manually monitoring patients. This leads to missed patient symptoms, longer hospital stays, and worse patient outcomes overall. Stasis increases hospital access to automatic, continuous monitoring with our smart cloud-connected monitoring solutions. We have converted medical hardware into a data-driven SaaS product. Our monitors are currently live in hospitals in India, and are built for global distribution. We have teams in Los Angeles, Bangalore, and working remotely.

Being in the Healthcare Technology space, we don't have an option but to strive to release the most stable product possible, and along with plenty of innovation, that's what we try to achieve with each release.

For more details and for applying, visit https://angel.co/stasis-labs/jobs

Software Engineer/Researcher @ Galois | Portland, OR, Arlington, VA, Dayton, OH. Remote is also a possibility.

Galois is looking for software engineers and researchers that enjoy working on challenging problems in computer science. We work with organizations like DARPA to explore blue sky ideas and turn them into usable technology that guarantees trustworthiness where failure is unacceptable.

We own the company together (through an ESOP), we make important decisions as a group, we have a one-level flat organizational structure, and people get to choose what they work on. We love to learn and share what we know, and that’s a big part of how we approach R&D, so we have no hard requirements for previous experience with similar work.

We think working here is awesome (See https://lifeatgalois.com)

To apply: https://galois.com/careers/software-engineer/

Clutch! | Software Engineer | Birmingham, AL or remote | Full-Time | Remote | $65k-$95k + benefits | https://careers.imclutch.com

Clutch! is a game day parking marketplace enabling sports fan to rent privately held spaces. We plan to expand our platform over time to help fans get their gameday back in more ways than just parking!

We're looking for a full stack engineer who will work on our Ionic application (Angular/Typescript), Node API, and Postgres database. Our headquarters are in Birmingham, AL but our engineering team is remote first so you are welcome to work remotely (US only). We expect a lot of growth in our platform's usage this next year and are looking for another engineer to help us grow the product!

Generous health/dental benefits. Unlimited vacation policy.

Apply at https://careers.imclutch.com and mention HN in the extra information question in the application.

Renaissance Technologies | Java and Kotlin full stack developers | NYC | Onsite, Full-time

https://www.rentec.com/ The worlds most successful hedge fund.

Looking for developers to contribute to back office functionality, for essentially everything after the trade is made. We generally run Linux/JVM/Postgresql stack with an ongoing switch to Kotlin. Been in business for 30 years. We are stable and profitable. Resumes to careers@rentec.com

Must have college degree with high GPA in math, physics, computer science or related fields. We typically desire many years of experience, but will consider recent graduates if the match is very strong.

I have to say, I never imagined I'd see the day RenTec came into an HN Who's Hiring thread.

Is this role in your NYC or Long Island facility? It doesn't seem to be reflected on your careers page.

I wasn't planning on making the submission, but it just happened that the "Who's Hiring" thread was on the top of the page. The truth is that it is difficult to find top talent for any organization. The economy is booming, and we're competing with more firms. As we all know: "Software is Eating the World".

This role could be in either location, but I expect it will be filled in our NYC offices.

We're no different than any other technology based firm.

For what it's worth, I emailed careers@rentec.com about this position and I was told they're only hiring for positions on their website. Do you mind clarifying that a bit? Does this role map to one of the positions on the careers page?

Any resume sent to careers@rentec.com will be entered into our system and be seen by one of the tech managers (which includes me). If you don't mind my asking, when did you contact the firm? I will speak with the people who process the received resumes to not discourage people from making submissions.

The open position here most closely matches to the "Financial Infrastructure Programming" position.

> Must have college degree with high GPA

What level is this position?

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences | JavaScript or C# Engineers | SW Oregon | Full-time | Onsite

BC makes actual hardware products. This group makes boxes that sniff air and tell you how clean it is. Useful for microchip makers and especially drug companies.

We’re not a startup, which means you don’t have to deal with 20-something hotshots who have something to prove, all the while writing code for products that nobody will ever want. We don’t work 12-hour days while pretending to have unlimited personal time. It’s a mature company that treats its employees with respect and pays them well. And it makes actual stuff that gets built and shipped out the door.

It also wants to stay relevant with the latest technologies and needs your skills to keep up with the workload. We have 14 openings right now. The average employee here is probably over 35, and over a decade of service.

Salary range? I’m getting paid more here than I ever did in California, and my annual take-home starts with a 2. You don’t have to take a pay cut to move here. And holy @#$% does it go far.

Imagine, living in a small city with a surprising array of big-city amenities, beautiful mountains everywhere, where almost everyone’s nice, most men wear beards, and you can afford a house with a yard on a single income. Maybe like the town you grew up in. We’re 4 hours from Portland, so don’t worry about getting too much of that scene unless you want to.

After grinding it out in the SF bay area dystopia for years, I felt like I’d died and gone to heaven when I took this job. If you do well on your resume and phone screen, BC will fly you out for a daylong onsite, which is really useful if you’re on your last dime after getting sucked dry by California rents. How about leaving that scene behind?

We want talent, and we don't get hung up on irrelevant details. Email me at <username>@beckman.com.

Pornhub | Adult content | Montreal QC | On-site Come work at the 12th highest trafficked website in the world. We are looking for:

-Director of Marketing and PR

-Data Scientists

-Product Manager Data Analytics

-Senior PHP Developers

-Front-end Developers

-UX Designer

Must be willing to relocate to Montreal. Email me your CV: jobs@pornhub.com and please mention you saw the post on HN. More info on pornhub.com/jobs

I'd work for pornhub but I'm not sure how I could explain to my friends and family that I code in PHP.

this joke is getting old

So are you! It's about time you do the honors of switching to some sensible language.

I guess you are mistaking me for someone else.

Inforuptcy | Senior Tesseract & PDF Scraping Developer, Preferably in Perl | REMOTE| Market | Full-time or Part-time | Inforuptcy.com

At Inforuptcy.com, we are building solutions that enable investors and traders in bankruptcy to become more efficient by automating daily tasks. We’re based in Los Angeles but have a remote team worldwide (Canada, Europe, Armenia to name a few).

We’re looking for a senior developer with experience in extracting unstructured data out of PDFs, preferably with Perl.

Testimonial from a team member: “Long story, but I worked there for maybe 6ish months part time a while back. They offered me full time, but I ended up going to a startup because I wanted to learn some specific technologies + up my skills in Data Science. That job was definitely good for some people, but it wasn’t as remote as they advertised it (had me fly in alot), and the team was somewhat difficult to work with ;) I ended up starting my own consulting and at the same time CourtDrive reached back out to me (perfect timing). Point I was trying to make was that I went back to work with them because they were so nice to work with. Not super demanding and very open to listening to ideas/suggestions - just a pleasant environment.”

Job listing and specific skills we are looking for: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14g2cxI0Ci6b9MkucbO2fvcTO...

GitLab | Engineering and Non-Engineering Roles | Remote Only | Full-time | https://about.gitlab.com/jobs/

We're currently hiring site reliability engineers, product managers, marketing roles, developers, federal sales roles, director level positions, and more; see https://about.gitlab.com/jobs/.

We're a remote only company so everyone can participate and contribute equally. GitLab Community Edition is an open-source Ruby on Rails project with over 1000 contributors.

Hi @chloe, can you hire in Spain? The country guidelines say no, but the country appears in contract_types.yml?


Arch | New York, NY | https://archlabs.com | ONSITE | VISA | $100K - 175K w/ significant equity

Arch is an early stage NYC-based, Fintech startup in the alternative investment industry with paying customers. Our engineering team is a couple of MIT alums who were previously early engineers at successful startups that have since IPO'd. We are being advised by a founder/investor with two successful exits (who was also the eighth user of Dropbox).

We're looking to grow our three person team. Contact us if:

- Your favorite fruit in JavaScript is ('b' + 'a' + + 'a' + 'a') (Arch does not discriminate against apple or orange lovers)

- You think https://github.com/denysdovhan/wtfjs is interesting, but looks nothing like your code

Fullstack - https://angel.co/arch-4/jobs/375451-senior-full-stack-engine...

Frontend - https://angel.co/arch-4/jobs/375452-senior-front-end-enginee...

Apply above or reach out to jtrigg@archlabs.com

Lol, thanks for the JavaScript joke. Had a good laugh.

Learnetto | Senior Developers | Remote | Part Time

Learnetto is an online education site (https://learnetto.com). It's a solo bootstrapped business, steadily growing with a few thousand developers learning programming skills through tutorials and courses.

I'm working on a new service to offer 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring to junior and mid level developers.

So I'm looking for multiple senior developers who have expertise and confidence in teaching Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Node, Express, Python, Django, React, Vue, Angular, SQL, Devops, AWS and other technologies.

If you have any experience teaching online through blog posts, tutorials, courses or books, you might be the right type of person I'm looking for.

If you don't have experience teaching yet, but do have tech expertise and are interested in getting into teaching, then I'm also interested in hearing from you.

I'm looking to pay anywhere between $100-$200 per hour based on your skills.

This will be highly rewarding work because you will help developers who are starting out in their careers to learn faster and progress quickly.

If you're interested, please fill in this form with your details - https://goo.gl/forms/fFYHV9bzVHyxE5DR2

If you have any questions, email me at hrishi@learnetto.com

If you're a junior developer looking to improve your skills, feel free to email me.

Permutive (YC S14) | Software Engineers | London, UK | Full-time, permanent, on-site, eligible to work in UK

Permutive is the simplest, most efficient way to integrate data-driven models into your product. We're a B2B SaaS company built on top of an innovative real-time data platform. We have product–market fit and customers that love us, and we're growing rapidly in Europe and the US. We raised a $10M Series A at the beginning of the year and have received funding from some of the world's best investors, including Y Combinator.

Everything we build operates at scale: our platform processes billions of requests a day across hundreds of millions of monthly end-users. We're developing a next generation data platform for a world with a trillion devices, and we think applying functional programming techniques like compositionality and type-safety is the best way to build these massive distributed systems.

You would be joining our core backend team on-site in London, working mostly with Scala and 'big data' ecosystem technologies (our full stack is below). We're happy to talk to people with a wide range of experience—from straight out of university to those with decades of experience—but you should have a genuine interest and preferably experience in FP, distributed systems, and stream processing.

Languages: Scala, Haskell, Elm

Libraries: Cats, Cats Effect, FS2, http4s, Shapeless, Circe, PureConfig, pipes, Servant

Technologies: Kafka, Kubernetes, Terraform, Bigtable, BigQuery, Beam, Postgres, Google Cloud Platform

If you're interested and eligible to work in the UK, please email me (co-founder and CTO) directly at tim@permutive.com

I looking for sub-constracting in FP languages


> Libraries: Cats, Cats Effect

Why, given that these are, in the context of a strict mostly-functional language, basically an unnecessary function wrapping. ;)

Kialo | Full Stack Web Developer | ONSITE | Full-time | Berlin, Germany | €55k-€90k

Kialo (https://www.kialo.com) is a privately funded, Swiss-German startup, developing a purpose-built tool for critical thinking, thoughtful discussion, and collaborative decision-making. Founded by academic philanthropists, we have been working on the system for 6 years before launching public beta in August 2017.

Our platform is built on a high-end, modern technology stack including Python 3.6, TypeScript, ReactJS, Redux, MongoDB, AWS, k8s and more. We are agile (Scrum, no -but), everyone has a tech background, we have a flat hierarchy, an open and friendly discussion culture (of course) and we have fun while working passionately to achieve our goal.

We are always looking for skilled full stack web developers who believe in building the next generation's discussion platform.

If you are interested or have any questions, check out https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/147695/full-stack-web-develop...

Good job! I really like the idea and the current implementation of it.

I once started implementing exactly something like this (with two panels "Cons" and "Pros"), but then as it is usually with my side projects, I abandoned it...

I still have some ideas you might like. Feel free to PM me if you are interested.

Crypto.com | Multiple Positions | Hong Kong | FULL-TIME ONSITE | VISA

Crypto.com, the pioneering payments and cryptocurrency platform, seeks to accelerate the world's transition to cryptocurrency. Here are some of our openings:

* Backend Developer - Developing our core product and in-house applications - Ruby, Elixir

* Mobile Developer - Developing sophisticated applications on Android and iOS - Swift, Kotlin

* Quantitative Developer - Building the heart of our trading and investment platform - Python

You can find out more about our openings and apply in the link below: https://cryptocom.bamboohr.com/jobs

Some positions are not yet advertised. If you are interested in working on distributed systems in Rust and Elixir, please reply to this thread with your email using the steps below:


  echo "your@email.contact" | openssl rsautl -encrypt -oaep -pubin -inkey crypto.pub -out contact.enc

  base64 contact.enc



o/f78szkC9DsdGOE20R/ZYDekeQ39xD8uNmeco7VAwPoxYpHJMy4y6tDgUPRRn0jr6fY/P/jAxaS Z29ihhrONHG9tjBy7M1hJ2QHGsribt5YNn/wNuJFVlhfKVTml/ir7cW6KzYAkarEVNutIFMK9u2z Yuj86qDTwlf4rwFKtlU3UR/eMZnE909SrFibDQUqaYQO4jaJlg3sp8Iq0psZqnweahEeTxzal2pS 8YZemdocFRtYFp34o9JUa/rsACUDYBsSGxVxn15dCD01IoGOCRurOrXBTRTdy613MF08zXuTJ4wt 3Z+eAsfoMKwFNykqtuNMW6H860di+4W8zjBZ3A==






Blue Canvas | Sr. Engineer | San Francisco, Berlin or Remote | ~$100-120k + generous equity

Blue Canvas (https://bluecanvas.io/) is a source control product for the Salesforce developer ecosystem.

We've built a hosted service with automatic source control that "just works", and modern tools to review and deploy updates. We are in a growing, opportunity-rich enterprise market: For every $1 paid to Salesforce, $3 more are spent on customizing it.

Looking for a Python, Go or Node developer to join our 2 person team. An interest in source control systems and theory is a major plus.

So far we have hired slowly because we believe in maintaining high-revenue per employee. We admire companies like Basecamp, Mailchimp and Atlassian. We are funded by customer revenue and Indie.vc (http://www.indie.vc/).

Our stack is primarily Python and Go (Node.js developers interested in learning Go should also apply). You’ll get to work directly with the CTO on important technology decisions.

Email team@bluecanvas.io if you're interested. No recruiters please.

  AdGear - ONSITE - Backend Engineer (Erlang, C, Rust) - Montreal - FullTime
  AdGear - ONSITE - Data Engineer (Scala, Spark, Kafka, Vertica, AWS)- Montreal - FullTime
  AdGear - ONSITE - Front-end engineer (SASS, Bootstrap, Webpack) - Montreal - FullTime
  AdGear - ONSITE - Javascript Application Engineer (TypeScript, React) - Montreal - FullTime
  AdGear - ONSITE - Ruby Application Engineer (Ruby, RoR) - Montreal - FullTime
#erlang #c11 #rust #scala #ruby #typescript #fsharp #opensource

Following its acquisition by the Visual Display division of Samsung in 2016, AdGear is now focusing on enabling brands to connect with Samsung TV audiences as they are exposed to digital media across all devices. We're trying to bridge the gap between traditional TV advertising and digital advertising!

For more information, complete description of roles, and details on applying, please see http://jobs.adgear.com/

Recursion Pharmaceuticals | SLC, Utah | Onsite, full-time | We have raised over $80M to apply machine learning to one of the most unique datasets in existence - tens of millions of images of cells under a huge number of biological and chemical perturbations, generated in our own labs - in order to find treatments for hundreds of diseases. Our long term mission is to decode biology to radically improve lives - we want to understand biology so well that we can fix most things that go wrong in our bodies. Among other awesome folks, Yoshua Bengio is one of our advisors, and helps our ML team come up with novel ways of tackling these problems.

We’re looking for:

* ML researchers: Looking for a highly experienced senior/principal-level machine learning researcher who wants a challenging problem, lots of rich data, and knowledge that their breakthroughs will seriously help people. No bio background needed.

http://www.recursionpharma.com/careers for more details and to apply.

Logistics: Salt Lake City, Utah. Hiking/running/biking is literally out our back door, and it's half an hour to 5 ski resorts. Great pay, health insurance, 401k, relocation assistance (onsite is required), equity, a top-caliber team, and help make a massively positive impact.

Happy to sponsor/extend visas, but you need to already be authorized to work in the US--we can’t handle the lottery at this stage.

Tech: Data science: pydata stack (pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, matplotlib, bokeh, tensorflow w/keras, etc), a cluster of GPUs for all your research ideas

Software engineering: python, clojure[script], javascript, go, react.js, kafka, kubernetes (GKE), GCE, AWS Our team of 104 so far: http://www.recursionpharma.com/team

Alfa Jango | Ann Arbor, MI | Full-time | Onsite | Senior Developer | https://www.alfajango.com/hiring/

We're a CTO and development team for hire for startups. We’ve built startups that have gone on to receive venture funding and federal grants, and even be acquired!

As a Developer, you will work closely with startups to quickly grow and transition them to viable companies with minimal investment. You will accomplish this by developing and building a successful Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and then quickly iterating thereafter. You will be in a position to work closely with the startup team providing technical and project leadership.

Imagine coming to work in one of the coolest office spaces in Ann Arbor. We are housed in the original cellar for the Northern Brewery. With 20 foot ceilings and fieldstone walls and a meeting rooms with a red-brick arched ceiling, the atmosphere is second to none in Ann Arbor.

Technologies primarily include: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript (Angular, React, and vanilla), Postgres, and ElasticSearch, but it depends on the project.

We've built and exited our own startups, and we also do a lot of open-source work, including having been on the Ruby on Rails core team, and built our own popular Dynatable.js.

Fill out the form at the URL above, or email john@alfajango.com directly.

DigiFi | Software Engineer | New York City | $80k-$100k + Equity + Benefits | Full-Time, Onsite https://angel.co/digifi/jobs/57845-software-engineer

DigiFi is a SaaS technology company located in New York City that provides software to help businesses make better automated decisions. Our platform lets businesses easily use automated machine learning and rules management to optimize critical decisions with no coding or technical expertise required. https://digifi.io We are looking for experienced software engineers to join our growing team. We use React on the frontend and NodeJS on the backend, along with both SQL and MongoDB. Our applications are hosted in AWS. The ideal candidate will have formal training in programming and professional experience with software development in either enterprise or startup environments. They will be expected to collaborate closely with a small team of engineers and ship code frequently while demonstrating a commitment to developing, testing, implementing and maintaining enterprise-quality software. Apply on using the AngelList link or with resume to info [at] digifi.io

Kitty Hawk: Project Cora (http://cora.aero) | Flight Software Verification Engineers, Embedded, Firmware, DO-178C | Atlanta, GA | Full-time | ONSITE

We are Kitty Hawk, an innovative aerospace company backed and led by proven visionaries. Our mission is to design and build vehicles for everyday flight, reducing the world's traffic congestion. Although an audacious challenge, we have been at work on a self-flying air taxi since 2010, tackling some of the biggest challenges in aviation. Our world-class team contributes decades of expertise in commercial aviation, aerospace, automotive engineering, advanced manufacturing, flight test, industrial design, customer experience, and regulatory compliance.

With the addition of a new Atlanta location, we invite talented and ambitious engineers who share our passion for flight, to join our team. Specifically, we are now hiring for software engineers to assist in the development, analysis, review and verification of flight software which runs onboard our Cora aircraft. Please apply via the following link:


What motivated your company to open an Atlanta office?

Second Measure (YC S15) | SF Bay Area - San Mateo, CA (downtown) | ONSITE/REMOTE | https://secondmeasure.com


Second Measure analyzes billions of credit card transactions to answer real-time questions about consumer behavior.

Through our self-service analytics platform, we help our clients – some of the world’s largest brands and investment firms – answer questions like:

  - Is Lyft gaining or losing market share in NYC? [1]
  - How many Tesla Model 3 preorders have been refunded? [2]
  - How dependent is Stitch Fix on its biggest spenders? [3]
  - (Check out our research blog [3])
We’re 50 people today - mostly senior engineers and data scientists. Two-thirds of us are technical, more than half with PhDs.

We’re looking for other strong builders, especially those who can grow into leadership roles:

  - Senior Software Engineer (backend/data/devops/frontend) - REMOTE OK
  - Senior Data Scientist
  - Senior Product Manager
  - (more)
I'm a founder (mike@). Apply directly [4] or email jobs@ and CC me.

[1] http://www.sfchronicle.com/business/article/Lyft-gets-boost-...

[2] https://www.recode.net/2018/6/4/17414496/nearly-a-quarter-of...

[3] http://blog.secondmeasure.com/2017/12/07/whales/

[4] https://boards.greenhouse.io/secondmeasure

Descartes Labs | HPC Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, Platform Engineer| Santa Fe, NM or San Francisco or New York City | Descarteslabs.com Data will be the great enabler of new technologies, new products, and new businesses of our generation. Descartes Labs is building a data-refinery on a cloud-based supercomputer for the application of machine intelligence to massive satellite imagery data sets. Requirements: Geospatial experience, Big Data, Platform development Tech: Python - Kubernetes - Docker - Google Cloud Platform (or AWS) - HPC (C, C++) Apply directly at: https://jobs.lever.co/descarteslabs.com

Secfi | Software engineer(s) | Amsterdam, the Netherlands | EUR 35-60k + equity

We're on a mission to increase employee’s private company ownership by helping them exercise their options - a complex and opaque process that typically comes with a lot of anxiety and unanswered questions. Our tools help you take control of your stock options and maximize their potential.

For example: one of the most complicated things for employees is figuring out how much taxes they need to pay when exercising their Incentive Stock Options or Non-qualified Stock Options.

Our recently launched tax planning tool does just that: https://www.secfi.com/option-tax-planning/

Things we are building next: multiyear tax forecast analysis, recommendation engine based on various sources and fantastic UX and UI. We’ve raised funding from renowned VC investors (known from Uber, Robin Hood), are profitable and are aggressively hiring to continue automating the complex challenges in our platform. Looking for:

- Front-end engineers https://www.secfi.com/careers/front-end-developer/

Interested? Please email frederik@secfi.com to get in touch.

35k in a city with a ~40% tax rate and rents approaching 2k/month.

Developer salaries in Europe are a joke.

There are a lot of really low-ball offers, but there is also a shortage of talented applicants, so you can find some stuff around for €140K or €85-110 / hour.

You also don't need a car, work reasonable hours and get twice the vacation.

Actually though. This is awful. I loved Amsterdam, but I can't imagine why anyone would stay in Europe when even new grads can make >= 4x that in the US.

35k is low even for straight out of university. With a few years of experience it’s closer to 50-70k€ (57-80k$)

That said, when I was doing the math on moving to the states, a +80% increase in salary still left me with less money in NYC vs Amsterdam. (I have kids: healthcare + kids education + rent basically wipes out your income in the US, it doesn’t in Amsterdam)

Yup, and when your kids will go to uni you'll be paying 2.000 euro/year for TU Delft instead of 40.000 for MIT.

Well one of the reasons (and it's a dumb one), is that getting a US work Visa is almost impossible for most, so they don't really have a choice, unfortunately.

Problem is it's impossible to get a US work visa :)

That is not a regular salary in the Netherlands, they are just being cheap. My first job paid 40k, in a cheaper city, 10 years ago without a university degree.

Tax brackets are progressive, with 35k you pay about 20% income tax. Expats get a 30% income tax discount for 5 years.

While salaries are low, it does have some advantages to live here. Strong employee protection (you can't get fired for example), paid leave (minimum is 20 days + public holidays), you don't work more than 40h/week, cheap healthcare, good infrastructure and public transport, paid sick/disability, unemployment benefit, welfare, state pension, etc.

It is hard to compare employment salaries. I think it makes more sense to compare freelance wages as they don't have those benefits. Freelance engineers make about 80~100 euro/hour and get some tax discount.

I paid 32% on 36k (my first job as a junior dev). But I had no ruling because I studied there for 6 months.

Agree with everything else. Netherlands is a great country.

I think you are mixing up the tax bracket with the total income tax you payed. With 36k you should pay approximately 25%. See https://www.berekenhet.nl/inkomen/belasting-box1-verschil.ht...

Fat Llama | London, UK | Full-time Engineering (Full-Stack/Backend/Mobile) | Onsite | Visa

The Future of Ownership. Fat Llama is the online marketplace for lending and borrowing anything. Every day, we connect people with spare stuff to those that want to use it. Fat Llama is creating a future in which any item - from the everyday to the niche - is accessible within minutes.

Last year we went through Y Combinator and recently announced a $10M raise from amazing investors to superpower our growth. We are active across the UK and launched in the US earlier this year.

Technology is at the heart of everything we do at Fat Llama, allowing us to solve a problem that has never been solved before. Our whole team gets a say in the product & tech roadmap, and our engineering team takes pride in writing, testing and deploying new features on a daily basis. We also highly value personal growth and learning, and are building a supportive and collaborative engineering culture.

Find out more and apply on our jobs page: https://jobs.lever.co/fatllama

Here's some recent news about us: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-44301183

Caper (YC W16) | Brooklyn, NY | FT, ONSITE | Backend Engineers | $80K - $110K + equity + benefits | www.caper.ai

Caper builds smart shopping carts - powered by deep learning and computer vision - to enable a seamless grab-and-go retail experience. Caper differentiates from technologies like Amazon Go by creating a plug-and-play solution that does not require store renovation, operational overhaul, heavy compute and endless image labeling & training; retailers can just buy the carts, and the entire store is upgraded with cashier-less capabilities. Caper costs less than 1% of Amazon Go's infrastructure, and it is already actively being used in the market.

Caper is currently backed by First Round Capital, Y Combinator, and top executives from Instacart, Plated, Albertsons and Walmart.

We’re a team of incredibly motivated individuals looking to put a dent in the retail industry. We are looking for a founding employee who will add to our talented technical team. You’ll be directly working under the CTO and the opportunity offers plenty of room for rapid internal growth.

View https://www.caper.ai/backend-engineer for more details, or message us at jobs@caper.ai if you have any questions or just want grab a coffee!

Celo | San Francisco & Berlin | Software Engineer & Mobile Engineer | All Levels | 100K - 200K + equity + coins | FULLTIME, INTERNS, ONSITE, VISA | https://celo.org

Founded by serial entrepreneurs, Celo is a new company aiming to remove the barriers for large-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies as means-of-payment. Using a novel address-based encryption algorithm, Celo lets you send crypto to phone numbers in a fully decentralized way. Additionally, Celo uses stable-value tokens pegged to fiat currencies, like the US Dollar, to minimize volatility. Anyone can participate in the network and earn Celo currency, even with just a budget Android smartphone. The first application launching on our platform is a social payment and money transfer app, aimed at developing markets.

Investors: a16z, Polychain, General Catalyst, Coinbase, Reid Hoffman and Jack Dorsey, among others.

Stack: Typescript, Solidity, Go, React Native, Python, Android, iOS

Team backgrounds: Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, MIT, Stanford

We tried to make applying fun: 'Mine' your application form to create an applicant blockchain at the bottom of our jobs page: https://celo.org/jobs

Would you be looking for interns for the Berlin office? I tried to look for it among the list of postings but couldn't find one. Thanks!

FlowCommand (YC W16) | Data Scientist, Backend Engineer | San Francisco | Onsite | https://angel.co/flowcommand/jobs

We build sensors that track the behavior of high throughput fluid systems. Our goal is to help the oil and gas industry, water municipalities, and anyone dealing with fluid optimize allocations while reducing spills and theft. Our sensor is a self-contained unit attached to a pipe which sends ultrasonic data directly to our server via cellular/satellite; we then use a mix of physics equations, signal processing, and anomaly detection to determine the behavior of fluid (volume and speed).

We are a small software team based in San Francisco with offices in Houston and Mexico City. You’ll work on models to improve the performance of our 100+ sensors deployed around the world. You’ll also leverage our remotely controllable flow-loop test facility in Houston to generate training data from our sensors. Join us if you want to be a leader at a rapidly growing company that’s using innovative technology to solve hard problems in the physical world.

Software Stack - Python, Django, Postgres, React Contact: jobs@flowcommand.com

Rollbar | https://rollbar.com | San Francisco, Barcelona, REMOTE | Technical PM, Backend Engoneer, Lead Product Designer, Marketing Operations Manager, Devops Engineer

About Rollbar: * We help tens of thousands of developers find and fix errors faster.

* Our backend handles billions of errors with low latency and high reliability

* Our front-end allows developers to discover and drill down across millions of errors in real-time

* Our open source libraries are used by some of the best engineering teams in the world, including Kayak, Twilio, Heroku, Zendesk, Instacart and Twitch

* We're a ~30-person team (SF, Barcelona, and remote) on a mission to help companies build better software faster

* Benefits and perks: competitive salary and stock options, medical, dental and vision insurance, 401k, annual conference budget, generous hardware and software allowance, casual work environment, inclusive team-oriented culture, rapid career growth opportunities, have fun and have an impact.

We're currently hiring for:

- Engineering (backend, ops) - Lead Product Designer - Technical Product Manager - Marketing: ops, demand gen, product

To get in touch, please apply via https://rollbar.com/jobs

Commonwealth Crypto | Multiple positions (ONSITE) | Boston, MA | https://www.commonwealthcrypto.com/

We are a small VC backed company. Our team is highly technical, founded by network security and blockchain researchers from Boston University.

Every week you hear about a cryptocurrency exchange getting hacked and traders losing their funds. We aim to fix this. We have developed protocols and software to allow traders to maintain custody of their coins while trading at a cryptocurrency exchange. Our technology ensures that no one, even a compromised or hacked exchange, has the power to take custody of a trader’s digital assets. Our protocols are compatible with top cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and ZCash.

Teaching and professional development is core to who we are. If you are a strong software engineer that wants to make the jump into cryptographic engineering and/or cryptocurrencies we encourage you to apply. An adversarial mindset is a definite plus.

Apply here: https://commonwealth-crypto.workable.com/

Commure, Inc. | San Francisco, CA / Boston, MA | Rust Engineer | Fulltime | ONSITE

We are a stealth startup working to fix the software doctors use. If you have seen what physicians have to put up with, it's a bad version of the 90s, and makes medical care worse and more expensive for everyone. We are a group of previously successful engineers and entrepreneurs (MIT, Dartmouth, Stripe, Twitter, Salesforce, DataPower, etc) and senior doctors (Johns Hopkins, UCSF, etc) who are determined to finally fix this.

Compensation: market salary & equity -- we are well funded by top-tier VCs.

Stack: includes Rust, React and Kubernetes. In addition to building our back end in Rust, we are also solving some very interesting problems in the areas of data processing, high-speed APIs, flexible UX frameworks and fine-grained privacy for healthcare data.

Please email jobs@commure.com and mention "[hnrust]" in the subject line. Other positions available: - Senior Front End Engineer (React Native, React) - Senior Security Engineer (identity, SAML, OAuth, etc) (please use [hnfe] or [hnse] in subject line for the above).

Locations: San Francisco, Boston or Montreal; sorry, no distributed/remote option at the moment.

DuckDuckGo - we're looking for candidates that are excited to join us in raising the standard of trust online (all positions remote and we do sponsor H-1Bs):

DuckDuckGo | Senior Mobile Application Developer | Paoli PA | REMOTE, VISA

DuckDuckGo | Senior UI Designer | Paoli PA | REMOTE, VISA

DuckDuckGo | Senior Frontend Engineer | Paoli PA | REMOTE, VISA

DuckDuckGo | Senior Site Reliability Engineer | Paoli PA | REMOTE, VISA

DuckDuckGo | Senior Backend Engineer | Paoli PA | REMOTE, VISA

DuckDuckGo | Senior Finance and Accounting Manager | Paoli PA | REMOTE, VISA

DuckDuckGo | Senior Manager of Growth | Paoli PA | REMOTE, VISA

The above positions are up at https://duckduckgo.com/hiring/ where you can apply directly. In addition, this positions is going up soon:

DuckDuckGo | Technical Recruiter | Paoli PA | REMOTE, VISA

If it's not up within a couple of weeks, please feel free to reach out to me directly about it: yegg at duckduckgo.com. In addition, we will be soonish (1-2mo) opening an exec position:

DuckDuckGo | Head of Product Marketing | Paoli PA | REMOTE, VISA

If you think you might be right for that position (previous product marketing experience for a major privacy/security brand required), then please reach out to me directly.

Hey, I'm really happy to see the pace at which you guys are growing. Any room on board for a summer intern? I've seen your policy on interns, but I'll take a gamble.

Signal | SF or Remote (US only) | Full-Time | https://signal.org

Signal is making private communication simple. As an Open Source project supported by grants and donations, Signal can put users first. There are no ads, no affiliate marketers, no creepy tracking. Just open technology for a fast, simple, and secure messaging experience. We design open protocols, develop Open Source software, and give it away for free.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/signal

Here are our open roles:

- Server Developer: https://signal.org/workworkwork/?ref=keyvalues

- Android Developer: https://signal.org/workworkwork/?ref=keyvalues

- Desktop Developer (Web Developer): https://signal.org/workworkwork/?ref=keyvalues

- iOS Developer: https://signal.org/workworkwork/?ref=keyvalues

Tech Stack: iOS team: Swift & Objective-C. Android team: Java. Desktop team: Electron, web stack (js, css, etc.). Server team: Java, AWS, devops.


Is the "US only" constraint for tax purposes or about timezones? Can American citizens in Europe apply?

PSPDFKit | REMOTE | Full-time | JavaScript, Elixir

PSPDFKit is the leading SDK for working with PDF files on Android, iOS and Web. We're trusted by Dropbox, Box and many Fortune 500 companies to take care of these tricky yet essential parts in their Android and iOS apps.

PSPDFKit for Web is our youngest product - you can see it in action here: https://web-preview.pspdfkit.com

Last year we released PSPDFKit for Web Standalone, which works completely in the browser, using WebAssembly: https://pspdfkit.com/blog/2017/webassembly-a-new-hope/

If you're interested in working for a fully bootstrapped company, with a team all over the globe, that iterates quickly and uses a modern, pragmatic tech stack, then check out our job ad: https://pspdfkit.com/jobs/frontend-web-engineer/

Weel | Perception engineer, EE, and Fusion 360 expert

Looking for onsite engineers in Seattle (SODO). We've developed a two-wheeled ebike that will autononously deliver itself to customers who then ride it like a normal ebike. Looking for people who are passionate about robots and love small electric vehicles. We think we can beat self driving cars to 100 million miles. Our bikes will seriously challenge you as we make autonomy work without $100k of lidar and compute, but we benefit from a lightweight and narrow vehicle that can avoid traffic and stop in under 5ft.

Curious? davidhansen@bikeweel.com

Amperity | Seattle, WA | ONSITE | Full-time

Engineers! Amperity is hiring SDEs across all levels, including technical leadership positions.

Interesting problems: - Ingesting and cleaning large amounts of data daily and blending it with real-time events - Automatically stitching data together across disparate systems by training machine-learning models to build a probabilistic knowledge graph - Taking research algorithms and productionizing them for high-scale usage - Allowing users to perform complex, real-time queries across an aggregated view of their data - Publishing query result data to a diverse set of systems for client usage

Tech stack: - React/Reframe - Clojure/Clojurescript - Aurora/Mesos - Accumulo/Hadoop - Spark - Kafka - SaltStack/Terraform - Riemann/InfluxDB/Grafana

For a full listing of positions, see https://amperity.com/careers/ -- apply there or reach out to me directly with questions. dave at amperity dot com. Hope to meet you.

Cooklist | Django / CTO | Dallas, TX / Remote | $80K - 120K w/ restricted stock

Cooklist shows you recipes you can cook with the groceries you buy and will allow you to order groceries by choosing recipes you want to cook.

Think Kayak for aggregating all the grocery retailers into one interface and Mint.com for importing all your retail purchase data into a digital pantry.

We just finished the TechStars Retail Program and announced a partnership with Target. We're a small team of experienced startup founders and engineers and are looking for a backend engineer to join our team.

Cooklist can connect directly to 81 grocery chains like Walmart, Safeway, Kroger etc. and automatically download every purchase a user makes in store and online. It uses NLP to match each product purchased to recipe ingredients. Over 1,000,000 products are matched to 1,000,000 recipes.

You can see a demo video and find links to download the app for iOS and Android at https://cooklist.co or email me at daniel@cooklist.co if interested

Coalition | Back-End, Full-Stack, Product Manager, Engineering Manager | San Francisco, CA | Onsite, Full-Time

Coalition is working to solve cyber risk. We are a small team of security experts, insurance professionals, and intelligence community veterans building a better cyber insurance product. Coalition is automating risk assessment to make purchasing insurance easy, and using our knowledge to educate clients and mitigate risk where possible.

We're rapidly growing and scaling our team to accommodate that growth. We are looking to hire engineers, product managers and an engineering manager who can help us maintain a high standard of engineering while increasing the scale and functionality of our products. These roles come with a significant amount of responsibility and autonomy.

Our front-end is in React, our back-end is built with Flask running on Python 3.6, with some services in Node, and our infrastructure is hosted on AWS. We are also always open to new technologies; we believe in using the best tool for the job.

Email jobs@thecoalition.com for more information.

Elvie | PHP Developer | Full-Time | ONSITE | London, UK | £40-45k + equity | https://elvie.workable.com/j/84B951DFFC

Elvie is fast becoming the leader in female-first technology - a pioneer in the growing FemTech industry, not afraid to take on daring projects to develop life-changing products for half of the planet’s population.

We just launched our second product, the world’s first silent wearable breast pump (https://www.elvie.com/shop/elvie-pump).

To support our growth and increasing demand, we’re looking for our next developer to come and help with all of our web-based tooling: JSON API, internal tools and website as well start scoping on new projects for internal and external consumption plus our next products.

Come and join an exciting hardware startup where you can help make women’s lives better every single day.

Upflow | Paris or Remote (CET -2 / +2) | Full-time | https://upflow.io

We're building the reference payment platform for B2B businesses in Europe.

Getting paid on time remains a significant problem for B2B businesses. We're on a mission to revolutionise how companies manage their outstanding payments. To do this, we're building a fully fledged payment platform from scratch - think Stripe but for traditional (non-tech) businesses. It's an extremely complex and multi-faceted problem which affects almost 500,000 businesses across Europe.

We run on React / GraphQL / Node / Express / Postgres

We're still really small (3 developers) and are looking for great hackers to work across the stack on problems ranging from payments, security, product and data.


The Inside | Portland or REMOTE | Front End and Full Stack Engineers, Product Manager, and Intern | https://www.theinside.com

The Inside is a fast-growing startup of creatives and engineers that makes affordable, custom furniture in the United States. It's rethinking everything about how traditional furniture companies operate. Using digital printing and 3D technology we can offer designer patterns at reasonable prices on domestically-produced frames.

It’s a once-and-a-lifetime opportunity for learning and being exposed to fast-paced environment where you'd have a direct relationship with the CTO, a Y-Combinator alum and startup veteran. You’d be working regularly in React and have exposure to 3D technology.

We're first movers in an exciting space that will soon become the future of home furnishings. Our stack is React/Redux/WebGL + Shopify.

Drop me a line if interested at beacoder@theinside.com!

This looks great! I just e-mailed you in regards to the PM role.

Hey, Emailed you for an intern position!

Seed CX | Software Engineer in Test, Software Engineer in Security | Chicago, IL | Onsite

Seed is an innovative financial exchange focused on cryptocurrency and emerging markets. Through its regulated subsidiaries, Seed operates a physical spot market, a regulated derivatives exchange and an innovative settlement system for institutional trading.

We're hiring a software engineer in test and a software engineer in security as well as other technical and non-technical positions: https://www.seedcx.com/careers.html

Our web tech stack is React, Node, Postgres, Redis, Elixir, and Typescript. The stack is spread out across multiple teams so don't feel intimidated if you don't know all of it. Come be a part of Chicago's fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange. If you're interested shoot me an email with a brief blurb and your resume at alexei@seedcx.com

Dolly | Senior Software Engineer | Seattle | Full-time, On-site

Dolly's mission is to create freedom: of choice, of time, and from worry. We do this today by building and operating the top marketplace connecting customers who need help lifting, loading, and transporting big and bulky items with local pickup truck owners who can help them. We put the customer in control of their experience – when and how a pick up/delivery happens, how much help they need, total visibility into what is actually going on in real-time – all wrapped in an incredible customer experience.

You’ll be working on things ranging from the backend for our apps to our platform and tooling. Projects may include: building endpoints for the apps, working on proprietary algorithms for things like fulfillment and pricing, and helping to build out tools for our Operations Team to succeed. We work focused on deadline driven results within an agile methodology.


- Node.js

- React web

- Mongo

Send me a note with [HN] in the subject line to chad@dolly.com

Tapad | Full-Time, Onsite: NYC or Oslo | Open Compensation

Tapad is known for inventing and introducing the Tapad Device Graph™ to the industry. At the heart of it, we dig data.

Tapad's Open Source tech stack (below) handle:


Distributed Applications... Scala, Python Distributed Computing... Google Cloud, BigQuery, DataProc, DataFlow, Open Source Technologies… Kafka, Zookeeper, Spark

Here are our open roles in Engineering:

VP of Data Science (NYC): https://grnh.se/d6ca30361

Senior Software Engineer- CDP (NYC): https://grnh.se/9b3fdbe31

Senior Site Reliability Engineer (Oslo): https://grnh.se/dcd5e0351

Senior JavaScript Engineer (NYC): https://grnh.se/bed5db991

Senior Software Engineer (Oslo): https://grnh.se/cb1ba4661

Software Engineer in Test (NYC): https://grnh.se/2c0d67e71

Software Engineer (Oslo): https://grnh.se/84d6d48d1

Senior Quantitative Analyst (NYC): https://grnh.se/bde5dcdc1

Lead Solutions Engineer APAC (Singapore): https://grnh.se/4a4ecd021

Broadway Technology | Consulting, Software Engineering, Trading Application Support, Product Management, Project Management

Austin, London, New York, Toronto, Waterloo | ONSITE, FULL TIME, VISA

Broadway Technology develops high-performance distributed trading systems for leading financial institutions. Primary development languages are C++ (especially for latency-sensitive components), Python, and C#. Compensation and benefits are competitive, including the non-financial side: https://www.broadwaytechnology.com/careers#life-at-broadway

Visit http://careers.broadwaytechnology.com for formal job descriptions and to apply, or email jcowans@broadwaytechnology.com and mention Hacker News!

Hey! Are you also hiring junior developers? The only postings I see are for seniors positions, so just wondering. Thanks!

PromptWorks | Multiple positions | Philadelphia PA | ONSITE https://promptworks.com/

We are a development shop that focuses on software craftsmanship. Our calling is to help companies create amazing, intuitive web & mobile applications, APIs, products, and services.

Pair programming, continuous integration & delivery, kaizen, and TDD/BDD aren't just ideas we pay lip service to, but core practices of our day-to-day work.

We love polyglots. We use lots of Ruby, Python, Elixir and JavaScript (mostly React and React-Native).

Open positions:

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Senior Front End Engineer
  • UX Designer
  • Senior Software Project Manager


Red Balloon Security | New York, NY | Full time and Interns | Onsite | Visa welcome | Undergraduate, Masters, PhD| Rolling start dates/application deadline|redballoonsecurity.com

About Us: Red Balloon Security is a venture backed startup cyber security company headquartered in New York City. Our mission is to provide embedded device manufacturers with strong host-based firmware security. We believe all embedded devices require strong protections against malware and intrusions, and seek to provide these protections to our customers.

Our key markets include enterprise equipment, automotive, aviation, unified communications, SCADA, Internet-of-Things, network infrastructure and more. There is a vast universe of vulnerable embedded devices deployed around the world that need security.

We have created a means to inject our Symbiote host-based security technology onto any device, regardless of CPU type, regardless of functionality, regardless of operating system and without changing the performance and functionality of the device. We do not require access to customer source code, nor do we require manufacturers to change their product design to accommodate our security solution.

Red Balloon Security offers a full benefits package, 401k, a generous vacation policy, and paid health and dental plans. The company is located in Midtown West in New York City. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer of minorities, women, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities.

Open Positions:

Security Researcher / Security Software Engineer Python Engineer Business Intelligence Analyst Software Engineer in Test

Security Intern Business Intelligence Intern

More detailed job descriptions: https://redballoonsecurity.com/jobs/ (Be Neo, see the code. It works better on Chrome) To apply, email jobs@redballoonsecurity.com. Make sure to include what job you are looking for in the subject line!

Invitae | SREs, Full-stack Engineer, UX designer, ML Engineer and more | SF, Oakland, Palo Alto, or REMOTE | https://www.invitae.com/en/careers/

Invitae is a healthcare technology company that leverages genetic information to empower doctors and patients to make informed medical decisions. Our software engineers work on a variety of projects ranging from innovations in healthcare systems to taming the chaos of biology. We're constantly improving our tools and technologies to deliver the highest quality actionable information to doctors and patients.

We're hiring a lot of roles. For engineering positions, please have 2+ industry experience.

I'm happy to answer questions (I'm an engineer). sutee.dee [at] invitae.com

SMX | Auckland | C/C++ Developer | Onsite | http://smxemail.com

We are looking for an experienced C/C++ developer to help create and maintain our suite of email security products. If you are looking to solve complex problems with simple and efficient code that you will take responsibility for all the way through to production, we want to speak to you. This is a great role on a high profile, cloud platform.

SMX is New Zealand's leading cloud-based email hosting and security provider. A growing blue chip list of enterprise and government customers around the world trust their email security to SMX. We provide a fully-hosted, enterprise-grade email gateway with mail filtering, content control, data loss prevention and archiving.

Colin Taylor (CTO)

Griffin | Full-stack or Backend Engineer | Full-Time | REMOTE | London, UK | https://griffin.sh

We're rapidly moving towards a world in which people get most of their financial services from non-bank fintechs than they do from banks. The problem is, most of those companies need to partner with a bank to actually hold their cash. We're building a purpose-built bank to do exactly that - power the global fintech revolution.

We're applying for full regulatory permissions and building a brand new platform bank, launching in the UK first. We've been working on this quietly for about 18 months and are now looking to hire our first engineer.

Tech stack: Clojure / Postgres / Kafka / AWS / Kubernetes

Email jobs+hn@griffin.sh

EmCasa | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Several Positions | REMOTE We are a real estate company changing the way you buy and sell real estate in Brazil. Speaking portuguese is required. We're looking for several positions:

- Backend Engineer (Elixir) - Frontend Engineer (React, Next, React Native) - Data Engineer - Data Scientist


SAY | NYC | Full-Time | 120k - 180k + equity | https://say.com

SAY is democratizing shareholder voting, an industry that has gone without disruption for too long. Empowering shareholders to make a change in the companies they own is no easy task, so we need some engineering talent to help fill out our team!

Engineering lead, backend, frontend and iOS engineers all wanted. Check out our job listings here: https://jobs.lever.co/say

Our stack: python, django, react, docker, kubernetes, postgres, ios

Feel free to reach out to zkauffman+hn [at] say [dot] com or apply directly through our job listings.

Gaia GPS | Remote Western Hemisphere | Software Engineers | www.gaiagps.com/company/jobs/

To apply, you must spend a lot of your free time hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, off-roading, hunting, or some other outdoor activity.

Come build the future of outdoor maps. Work on an team of software experts and outdoor lovers that includes lineage from Google, MapBox, Facebook, NY Times, Backpacker, and REI. About 1/3rd of the team has done one of the major thru-hikes, and the company as a whole has the triple crown.

We're a boot-strapped team of 14 now, having just hired 4 people, and we plan to bring on roughly one person per month, starting in January and continuing indefinitely.

Octane Lending | Product Managers, Software Engineers | NYC, Houston, Lund (Sweden) | ONSITE | https://octanelending.workable.com/

Come join Octane Lending and help launch our new product lines. We are building the next generation marketplace for powersports. Find the vehicle you want at a price you can trust and pay over time with the best financing options.

Backgrounds in marketplace businesses, retail, auto, or software engineering are highly prized.

Join us here: https://octanelending.workable.com/

I am looking for a job in Sweden


TileDB, Inc. | Software Engineers | Cambridge, MA or REMOTE (US) | https://tiledb.io

TileDB, Inc. is looking for new team members to help develop the future of big data storage. For emerging and growing fields such as genomics, earth science, imaging, and financial analysis, the volume of data is increasing and TileDB is meeting the challenge head on. Data in these areas is well represented as multidimensional dense / sparse arrays, and the open-source TileDB data management software is a novel, cutting edge solution for array storage.

TileDB, Inc. is backed by Nexus Venture Partners and Intel Capital.

Our team combines software engineering expertise with scientific domain knowledge to develop the open-source TileDB array data management software, and we are looking for talented and motivated engineers for the following positions:

- Full Stack Web Developer: Production experience with Kubernetes, payment gateways, and React or Vue.js for frontend work.

- JVM / Spark Engineer: Deep experience with Spark, Scala, Java, native JVM extensions / JNI, Maven packaging and the SBT build system.

- Bioinformatics Software Engineer: Strong C++ skills, experience with R or Python. Genomics data engineering / analysis with FastQ, VCF, BAM formats, bcftools, htslib, GATK, Hail.

Additionally interested candidates with strong C++ skills and experience developing database / data management solutions are welcome to apply.

TileDB GitHub organization: https://github.com/TileDB-Inc

TileDB has been featured on HN: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=15547749.

Our headquarters are located in Cambridge, MA. To cope efficiently with the different time zones and hiring processes, priority will be given to candidates that are located in the US, and are US citizens or permanent residents.

Apply at https://tiledb.workable.com or contact us directly: careers@tiledb.io

SRLabs | Security Research Month | Malaysia and Indonesia | February 10th - March 9th 2019 | On-site

Join us for one month of hacking research in Malaysia and Indonesia!

Every year, we (https://srlabs.de) escape the cold Berlin winter for a "Hackerurlaub" (hacker vacation). For the third year already now, we are inviting fellow hackers to join us. Flights, villa, fun and mentorship are all included.

During the month there you will work on your own project, supported by us, the SRLabs team. We are a Berlin-based hacking research collective and consulting think tank and focus on everyday technology that expose many people to risk. You may know us from our work like BadUSB [1] or SS7 Hacking [2].

How to apply?

All you need to do in preparation is to come up with a hacking target and send your application to beach[at]srlabs.de. For details, please visit https://hack-the-beach.com

[1] https://www.wired.com/2014/07/usb-security/

[2] https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/apr/19/ss7-hack-...

Sounds like a fun initiative. How is this financed? Do you own the rights to the work produced during the Hackerurlaub? Thanks.

Hi charmides, Hack the Beach is paid for completely by SRLabs as an initiative to network with talented hackers from around the world and you own the work you produce - Looking forward to your application!

PathAI | Boston, MA | https://pathai.com

PathAI is looking for an Director of Engineering to help lead our work to detect cancer faster and more accurately while paving the way toward personalized medicine. We're also looking for individual contributors to our application engineering, platform engineering, and design engineering (front-end development) teams as well.

We're working with a modern stack using Python/Django/Flask/DRF, alongside a Vue-powered front-end. Services are containerized, and we do our best to have a great engineering environment alongside our regulatory and compliance efforts. We're a technology company working within healthcare, not a healthcare company trying to leverage technology.

This role in particular will be helping build and lead our application engineering team, which works at the python/postgres layer to provide services for software-based medical devices, customers via the front-end, and internal teams. The team is five people today, and expected to grow through the short-to-mid term.

Work alongside a diverse set of expert technologists, computational biologists, and computer vision scientists – if you're intellectually curious, it's an amazing environment to be in. We're well-funded with strong revenue and growth.

Check out our open positions at https://www.pathai.com/careers/.

CACI International Inc. - Rome, NY

At CACI's Rome, NY office we develop data visualization software and productivity tools supporting the US military using a wide range of tech stacks.

We're looking for software engineers ranging from entry level to senior developers as well as current students looking for college jobs skilled in one or more of the following: JavaScript (full stack: client-side and Node.js), OpenGL/WebGL, Java, C++, Semantic Web (OWL, RDF/RQL, etc), visual design, and *nix skills.

Must be a U.S. Citizen. Security clearance requirements per project/team varies. Clearance must be obtained and maintained.

     === Openings ===
- Internships and college semester software development co-ops (INTERNS)

- Entry-level and mid-level full-time software developers (ONSITE)

- Senior software engineers (REMOTE welcome)

- Senior designer/developer (REMOTE welcome)

If this sounds interesting to you, apply at http://careers.caci.com/ListJobs/All/Search/location/rome/st... or ping me directly if you have questions at enewport@caci.com.

CACI also has lots of job openings in other locations too. You can find those openings at http://careers.caci.com

Open Source Jobs (www.osjobs.net) | Software Engineer | Remote | $80-110K + 1.0% equity | Remote

- Desire to be an expert in open source and passionate about making an impact in this field. - Ability to design and build scalable backend automation from the ground up using open source languages, libraries, and frameworks. - High familiarity with Python or Go or C++ - Excellent team software engineering practices - Good interpersonal communication skills

Email me at contact@osjobs.net if you want to learn more.

Google | Strategic Cloud Engineer, Google Professional Services | Multiple Worldwide Locations | Onsite | Full-Time | google.com As a Strategic Cloud Engineer, you will be the Google engineer working with the most strategic cloud customers. You will ensure that the experience building and maintaining applications in Google Cloud Platform is amazing. You are responsible for rapid and accurate resolution of technical challenges, lead implementations and integration of custom features. Additionally, you will work closely with Product Management and Product Engineering to build and constantly drive excellence in our products.

Together with the team you will support customer implementation of Google Cloud products through: architecture guidance, best practices, data migration, capacity planning, implementation, troubleshooting, monitoring, and much more.

The Google Cloud Platform team helps customers transform and evolve their business through the use of Google’s global network, web-scale data centers and software infrastructure. As part of an entrepreneurial team in this rapidly growing business, you will help shape the future of businesses of all sizes use technology to connect with customers, employees and partners.


SpotHero | Chicago, IL | http://spothero.com

SpotHero is changing parking, and our tools will redefine the transportation industry. With over a million cars parked, fast growth, and solid funding (https://angel.co/spothero), SpotHero offers countless ways to make an impact on the company and your career.

iOS Developer - https://spothero.com/careers/88318 (Chicago or remote)

Senior Data Scientist - https://spothero.com/careers/1319299 (Chicago)

Senior Engineer, Operator - https://spothero.com/careers/1135073 (Chicago or remote)

Staff Software Developer in Test - https://spothero.com/careers/1283388

To apply, please email your resume to jobs@spothero.com. Include any GitHub account, LinkedIn profile, and any project that you’re particularly proud of. We love seeing work that others loved working on.

Channable - https://www.channable.com | Utrecht, The Netherlands | ONSITE

We are a data feed management company that connects ecommerce companies to all big online marketing channels (marketplaces, price comparison sites etc.) We also optimize and synchronize product data, offers, and orders on various platforms.

We currently have two open positions:

- Frontend Developer [1] - DevOps Automation Engineer [2]

Our Stack includes: Python (Flask), Haskell, Scala (Apache Spark), PostgreSQL, Redis, HDFS, Ansible, Terraform, Ember.js

We process hundreds of millions of products per day and offer technically interesting and challenging work. We are looking for a highly motivated and skilled engineers to join our team in the center of Utrecht.

See https://www.channable.com/jobs/ for a detailed job description.

[1] https://www.channable.com/career/frontend-developer-24-40-hw... [2] https://www.channable.com/career/devops-automation-engineer/

WineDirect | Vancouver, British Columbia | Full-Time, Onsite | https://www.winedirect.com

WineDirect offers solutions for managing winery websites including ecommerce, point of sale systems, content management, and customer relationship management. Higher conversion, greater customer insight, an easy yet innovative toolset, and one connected platform allow you to sell the most wine online.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/winedirect

Here are our open roles:

- Junior Developer: https://winedirect.breezy.hr/p/068bfea84b72-junior-developer

- Intermediate Software Engineer: https://winedirect.breezy.hr/p/6bc8535984ba-intermediate-sof...

- Data Migration Specialist: https://winedirect.breezy.hr/p/785e0b13c65a-data-migration-s...

Tech Stack: Languages/Frameworks: Angular, Node, Serverless Lambda, Rails, Coldfusion Databases: MSSQL, Aurora Cloud Providers: AWS

Webflow (YC S13) | Remote (HQ in San Francisco) | Onsite or Remote | https://webflow.com

Webflow empowers designers and developers to create powerful, stunning websites — entirely visually. We've created the first visual CMS, integrated with a designer that writes HTML and CSS for you. You can host sites or export prototypes on Webflow. Our mission is to democratize the development of software by providing visual abstractions over complex technology and logic. Check out some examples of Webflow below:



To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/webflow

Here are our open roles:

- Senior Software Engineer: https://webflow.com/jobs/senior-software-engineer

Tech Stack: Node.js React.js Redis / Mongo AWS Kubernates / Terraform / Docker

Defenders of Wildlife | Application Developer | Salary: up to $65,000 | Washington, DC | Onsite | https://www.defenders.org

Defenders works on the ground, in the courts, and on Capitol Hill to protect and restore imperiled wildlife across North America. We are looking for an Application Developer, who will play a key role in the Center for Conservation Innovation, assisting with the development of software for translating data and knowledge into on-the-ground conservation improvements. To learn more about the position, visit https://defenders.org/jobs/application-developer

Interested applicants should complete an application for employment:https://defenders.org/sites/default/files/dow-application-fo...

Please reference Application Developer in your subject line and submit an application, a letter of interest, your resume, and a link to your GitHub account (or equivalent) with public repos to us via e-mail at: HR@defenders.org.

Workday | Senior Full-Stack Developer | San Francisco | http://www.workday.com | ONSITE full-time

Workday is a large and growing (public with a ~$30B market cap) enterprise software company, and we're looking for skilled senior full-stack developers to join my Media Cloud team in downtown SF. You’ll be working with an agile development team to develop interactive multimedia features and more for Workday’s application suite.

Our team is passionate and curious, and looking for developers who are the same. We value our employees above all, and believe that a kind, collaborative, and diverse team will produce better products.

Workday's software suite includes HCM, Financials, Recruiting, Learning, and more. Our software powers the world's largest and best businesses, like Amazon, Netflix, Patagonia, Wal-Mart, Sony, Toyota, VMware, Visa, and Yale University.

Our most-used languages are Python and JavaScript, but you'll also end up touching plenty of other programming languages including Kotlin, Java, etc. We are looking for candidates with 5-10+ years of full-time paid software development experience. Note that, unfortunately, we cannot sponsor new H-1Bs or hire candidates with F-1/J-1 visas, so you'll need to be a US citizen or permanent resident, or have a current H-1B (or equivalent).

If you're interested, shoot me an email: charlie.stigler@workday.com

I'm a senior engineering manager at Workday with a startup background - would love to talk to you if this job description sounds like a fit. =)

Voyage | Palo Alto, CA | Full-Time | Visa | https://voyage.auto

Voyage’s mission is to super-charge communities with driverless vehicles. Our fleets power essential, everyday services designed to enhance each resident’s quality of living. At Voyage, we strive to become part of every community we serve. Voyage’s first product is an autonomous taxi service located within a 160,000 resident retirement community in Florida. Here, our fleet delivers on the promise of autonomous driving - solving the mobility needs of residents who need it most. Whether a resident faces mobility restrictions, or just wants to take a ride, we take pride in getting every Voyage passenger to their destination safely, efficiently, and affordably.

We're a team of 40 engineers that have raised $23m from world-class VC's to build a massive and meaningful transportation company. We're growing the team rapidly, and are searching for engineers across multiple disciplines (machine learning, robotics, consumer software, devops, and more). If you love to ship, I think you'll love working at Voyage.


Petuum | Pittsburgh, PA & Sunnyvale, CA | Full-Time, ONSITE, VISA | petuum.com We build Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms and solutions to industrialize AI and enable enterprises to create and operationalize AI more quickly and cheaply.

With $108 million in funding led by SoftBank, Petuum is one of the highest-funded and fastest growing AI startups. Recently World Economic Forum named us as a 2018 Technology Pioneer. Join us to bring AI to all!


Senior Software Engineer - Backend https://boards.greenhouse.io/petuum/jobs/4077378002

Senior Software Engineer - DevOps https://boards.greenhouse.io/petuum/jobs/4077368002


Senior Software Engineer - Backend https://boards.greenhouse.io/petuum/jobs/4095523002

(Senior) Software Engineer - DevOps https://boards.greenhouse.io/petuum/jobs/4104309002

Brain Corporation | San Diego, CA | Onsite Only Brain Corp is a San Diego-based AI company that specializes in the development of self-driving technology. We are taking our proprietary BrainOS (robot operating system) and putting it on machines to turn them into self-driving, autonomous robots. We have raised $110m from SoftBank and Qualcomm Ventures.

We are hiring across all engineering functions (Research, Software, Firmware, Electrical, Mechanical). Our full job board can be found here: https://braincorporation.applytojob.com/apply/

Highlighted openings:

* Robotics Software Engineers (entry to principal levels)

* Depth Perception Research Scientist

* Application and Tools Developer (Qt)

* Front End Developer

* Site Reliability Engineer

* Software Test Automation Engineer

* Software Engineering Manager

* Hardware Engineering Manager

All of these positions and more are posted on the website.

Typical Interview Process: Code challenge, technical phone/skype screen, onsite, offer.

Contact us at careers@braincorporation.com. If you don't see a role that matches, feel free to send your resume over to us and let us know what you would be interested in.

Thanks! -Rawson https://www.linkedin.com/in/rawsonleavitt/

Hazel Analytics | Full-Stack Software Engineer | Seattle, WA | ONSITE | $100K - $140K + 0.05% - 1% equity (DOE) | https://hazelanalytics.com

Hazel Analytics is a fast-growing technology startup founded in 2014. We pair the largest food safety inspection database with powerful analytics tools and solutions for Fortune 500s and leading organizations in the restaurant, financial services, government, and education industries. Hazel is also the proud recipient of Jack in the Box's 2016 Food Safety Innovation Award.

We are profitable and privately-held (i.e. no VC investors), which means your equity is worth something from day one, and you’ll be able to make a direct impact on the company’s strategy and execution.

We're currently seeking experienced full-stack software engineers to continue growing our engineering team. Our tech stack is predominantly Python (Flask), JavaScript (transitioning from Angular to React), and PostgreSQL, with Docker and Google Cloud featuring in our infrastructure. The team operates in an agile manner, keeping processes to a minimum and enabling engineers to stay focused on their work. We're especially interested in people who are eager to mentor junior engineers and who have past experience in data science, a devops focus, or UI/UX skills.

Email hiring@hazelanalytics.com with your resume or check out our job posting for details: https://angel.co/hazel-analytics-data-analytics-start-up/job...

Catawiki | Engineers | Amsterdam, Assen (Netherlands) | Full Time | ONSITE | VISA | www.catawiki.com

As one of the fastest growing online companies in Europe we offer a great opportunity for you to grow as a developer working with an amazing team of 70+ engineers inside a diverse company with 40 nationalities and counting!

We have vacancies for back-end, front-end, engineering managers and data engineers. On a daily basis you'll work with Ruby, JS, Swift, Java and Python. If you're into lower level technologies we have challenges for you helping us scale Nginx, MySQL, Redis and ElasticSearch, all running in a multi-tenant environment (metal, AWS, GCP).

Our challenges today include migrating our old Rails platform, create a seamless integration between our hosting providers and establishing sane abstractions across all of our applications/services. As well as this we’re building out our microservice architecture (40 services and counting) and building out new features for our millions of users.

You can work from two locations in the Netherlands (Amsterdam and Assen) and we've gotten pretty good at the whole relocation business, so even if you're outside the country feel free to drop me a line at j.lesner@catawiki.nl with your GitHub/resumé if you're interested in learning more. You can also apply direct on our careers page: https://www.catawiki.com/jobs and you can read more about our recruitment process here: https://github.com/catawiki/join-us.

Ledgex (https://ledgex.com) | Waltham, MA | Full-Time, Onsite OR Remote if in USA | Full Stack Senior .NET Engineer

We're a small group of engineers and investment professionals looking to expand our company. Ledgex is a FinTech company focused on developing software to help multi-asset investors (endowments, foundations, family offices, outsourced chief investment officers, and pensions) better manage their assets and their time.

We're hiring a few people to help start a new product with myself and a few others from the company. This is a greenfield project using our existing product as a guide.

- Full Stack Senior .NET Engineer - https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/207372/full-stack-senior-net-...

Find out more about our company here: https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/companies/ledgex

Tech Stack: ASP.NET Core (MVC on certain products), ReactJS/TypeScript (Backbone on certain products), Azure

Intersection | https://www.intersection.com | Manhattan, New York City (NYC) | Multiple Roles | Full-time | ONSITE

At Intersection, we are at the forefront of the smart cities revolution. Our mission is to improve daily life in cities and public spaces, with products that bridge the digital and physical worlds by delivering connectivity, information and content to enrich our everyday journeys and elevate the urban experience. Our products include Link (such as LinkNYC), Transit, and programmatic advertising.

Our stack includes modern JavaScript, Python, Scala, Swift, Ansible, AWS Services, Docker, React, Android, iOS, and a little bit of plain grit.

Here are some of the roles we have open:

  * Software Engineer
  * Senior Software Engineer
  * Mobile Lead, Link
  * Mobile Engineer, Link
  * Senior DevOps Engineer
  * Staff Engineer, Network Security
  * Staff Engineer, Application Security
  * Sr. Engineering Manager
  * Technical Product Manager
  * Systems Engineer
  * GIS Planning Associate, Deployment
See and apply to roles here: https://rebrand.ly/ixnjobs

Intello | Product Engineer | New York | ONSITE | https://www.intello.io

Intello is the leading provider of end-to-end SaaS operations management solutions. We're on a mission to create a more transparent SaaS ecosystem. Cloud applications have the power to transform the way people do business. However, the explosion and growth of the cloud market has resulted in massive adoption of new applications within companies, without the proper infrastructure to manage them.

We're looking for a Product Engineer who will be responsible for developing and improving the Intello dashboard. It's the essence of Intello itself - where complex, previously hidden-away information is made clear and actionable for our customers. In this role, you’ll also have the opportunity to take ownership of our front-end architecture as well as the Intello ui-library.

Tech Stack: Go, JavaScript, Flow, Graphql, Relay, Next.JS, Lambda, Postgres, Redis

Apply here: https://intello.workable.com/j/1052D1979A or reach out to me directly: shlomo at intello.io

Project Rōnin | Product Managers, Product Designers | San Mateo, CA | ONSITE

We are on a mission to transform cancer intelligence by providing access to all the best clinical knowledge contextualized for the oncologist, truly personalized choices & shared decision making for every patient, and a dynamic deep learning data analytics engine fueled by real-world evidence.

You’d be an early member of the product team, working on building our flagship product and helping steer the strategy for the future of oncology. At Project Rōnin, product managers and designers build 10X-100X products that ambitiously change how medicine is practiced. We are relentlessly passionate about designing and building a better world for patients and clinicians; are insatiably intellectually curious about the most important problems to solve and solutions to build; thrive in ambiguous, chaotic situations that we manage with ease and optimism; and have a fearless bias towards action that is data-driven, purposeful, and focused.

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/projectronin or send us an email to hiring@projectronin.com

PicnicHealth (YC S14) | Design, Front-End, ML, Full-Stack, Security | SF | ONSITE, FULL-TIME, VISA | https://team.picnichealth.com/jobs?src=hn

Picnic’s mission is to structure the world’s medical data to make it useful. We work directly with patients to collect, digitize, and manage their complete medical records, giving them with control over their care. Beyond serving patients directly, we partner with biotech, genomics, and pharma companies who sponsor PicnicHealth accounts for research volunteers. Through this work we’re building the data sets that power some of today’s most cutting edge medical research. Our stack is React/Redux, Node, Python, Keras, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes.

Our product has literally saved some of our users' lives by unearthing issues in their medical records. We're growing rapidly — on pace for 20x this year. Our team is smart, hard-working, and passionate about fixing healthcare.

Let us know what you would bring to a Picnic!


Twine | San Francisco, CA | FULL TIME | ON-SITE https://twine.com/jobs/

This is an exciting time to join Twine. Our product is new to market and we’re iterating fast.

Twine for iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/twine-save-invest-together/i...

Our current open roles:

VP of Engineering, QA Engineer, Senior iOS Engineer, iOS Engineer, Senior Android Engineer, Android Engineer, Backend Engineer, Data Engineer, Growth Marketing Manager, Senior Product Designer, Visual Designer & Art Director, Growth/Data Analyst, Recruiter

Twine empowers people to save more, save better, and save together. We use dynamic technology, design and cutting-edge automated money management to change the way people make financial decisions.

We operate as an independent startup group – backed by the resources and stability of a Fortune Global 500 powerhouse. Our culture is driven by sharing, learning and iterating together.

Feel free to directly get in touch with Nahyun (Team Ops) at nahyun@twine.com. Let's chat!

CaterCow | https://www.catercow.com | Brooklyn / NYC / New York, NY | ONSITE | $110k - $150k+, 0.5% - 3% equity, health care, 401k, bonuses, revenue share, etc.

I'm Chris, the cofounder and CEO of CaterCow. Previously I was the second employee (engineer) at Airbnb and left to build CaterCow. Come get in on the ground floor of our engineering team as we execute our plan to win the entire group food ordering market.

If you're a great full stack engineer with wonderful business & design sense, I'd love to chat. Email me at chris@catercow.com with "HN Who's Hiring" in the subject.

Things that make us different: Profitable, infinite runway, 85%+ owned by founders and employees, no VC (we raised less than $200k 6 years ago, but have grown profitably since then), amazing 8 person full time non-technical team (Sales, Ops, Customer & Caterer acquisition, photographers), small engineering team, best in industry unit economics, very strong 5 year history of increasing revenue and profit growth, flexible and experimental view about travel & work.

Looking to hire 3 people immediately who think hard work and excellent software are the most powerful tools to dominate markets. We're particularly looking for really strong front end candidates with strong design sense.


Please email me if you're interested in the above :)

chris@catercow.com with subject "HN Who's Hiring November 2018"

*Also, if I didn't get back to you last month please email me again this month and I will respond asap! Please accept my apologies.

Barefoot Coders | DevOps Engineer - Google Cloud and Terraform | New York, NY | FULL-TIME, REMOTE

We've partnered with a cloud services provider to help migrate global enterprises into the digital era. We're looking for a collaborative DevOps Engineer, comfortable with Terraform and Google Cloud Platform. You'll be working closely with our Director of DevOps alongside our client team. This is a highly collaborative project where your expertise will be valued deeply. We're looking for someone who is comfortable with periodic client-site visits.

You are an experienced engineer with a wide range of engineering skills. You delight in building reliable, resilient systems that help businesses grow and mature their technical offerings. You are collaborative, and enjoy working with teams and clients to make sure that the right thing gets built at the right time.

Not the right person for the job? That's ok! If we wind up working with a candidate who mentions you sent them this link, we'll pay you $1,000.

Apply here: http://bit.ly/barefootcoders-devops-gcp-terraform

LitCharts | Full Stack Developer | Full-time | Remote Only (USA) | https://www.litcharts.com

Come help improve literature education with LitCharts! LitCharts provides high quality literature guides, analysis, and related literary tools and resources. Over two million students, teachers, and general interest readers use the LitCharts website and mobile apps every month.

We are looking for a full-time Full Stack Developer to work on all aspects of the site, both front- and back-end. Must be proficient with Ruby and Ruby on Rails, Javascript and jQuery, AWS and S3, Haml, SCSS, and working remotely.

We’re a small team, and the code you write will have a direct impact on our success as well as reach millions of users. You can work from home or anywhere. We work flexible hours but typically stick to 9am-5pm EST and are looking for someone able to do the same. All applicants must also be legally authorized to work in the United States.

Please email your resume, Github profile, samples of your code/work, or anything else you'd like to us to know about to hiring@litcharts.com to apply. Thanks for reading!

Repl.it | hackers | ONSITE | SF


We're hiring hackers to improve how people learn and use programming. We believe that while dev tools have evolved and made coders more productive over the years we also lost some of the magic and fun in programming and we want to bring that back!

If you're someone that likes building tools then we'd like to talk to you.

Top Hat | Software Engineers | Toronto, ON, Canada | ONSITE Full-time

We are hiring for a variety of development roles including: DevOps Engineer, Sr Platform Developer, Sr Android, and Full-stack Web (Python, Django, Javascript, React.js/Flux, AWS, Ansible; recently we’ve been practicing Continuous Deployment on Lambda). Salary range based on experience from $80K to $120K.

Top Hat helps professors make every lecture count by transforming mobile devices into powerful engagement tools, inside and outside the classroom. Recently, Top Hat has been building out interactive textbooks and creating a way for professors to collaborate on authoring new content and sharing it through our marketplace.

We have a great dev culture and some really cool problems to work on! Check out our ongoing projects here: https://sites.google.com/tophatmonocle.com/engineeringattoph...

Apply here! https://tophat.com/company/work-with-us/

TELUS Digital | Full-Stack Developer| Toronto/Vancouver | ONSITE | Full-Time/Contract

Our team at TELUS Digital is spoiled. What you’ll find here is that our vibe is completely different from what you may see in a traditional office. There are no cubicles or seating plan, instead, we have teams of people working side-by-side creating something exceptional for our customers. We use a range of technologies to get the job done: JavaScript and Babel (ES2015-2017) coupled with Webpack, React, Redux and other libraries to provide a modern, easy to use Javascript toolchain and smooth Developer Experience. A central Design System is used for styling and hosts shared components, while our RESTful APIs are built with Node.js powering our custom services. Quality is a primary concern and we test our applications at multiple levels with QA and Product Owners embedded within teams. Take a look at our open positions: https://www.telus.com/en/ab/digital/careers?linktype=nav

Sally | Full-stack software engineer | Long Island City, Queens, New York City (NYC), NY, USA | Onsite | https://www.drivesally.com/

Sally is a company that leases vehicles to drivers of ride sharing services. We launched our first vehicle in July 2015. Today, we own several hundred vehicles in New York. Sally is focused on financing, operating, and managing vehicles for use in rideshare services. Our mission is to lead the movement towards next generation vehicle ownership. We are currently generating about $400k in monthly revenue.

We are currently hiring a full-stack software engineer. One of our founding engineers was recently moved into management, so we are looking for someone who can jump into the stack and be productive immediately. Therefore, we need someone who is familiar with Django, React, JWT, and Celery. On the job application, we ask you some open book quiz questions; the interview process is similar:

1) Technical phone screen

2) Onsite interview

3) Offer

Apply here: https://codefor.cash/sally

Nick Williams @ Sally

Starsky Robotics (YC S16) | Gen. Software Engineer, ML Engineer, Data Infra Engineer, Controls Engineer, Behavior Planning Engineer| San Francisco, CA | Onsite | Full-time

Come build self driving trucks! Starsky Robotics is a fantastic place to work, we're solving hard problems across the board and need help. We have positions open for all sides of the robotics stack, and are specifically looking for more Software eng. maturity for the platform and infrastructure teams. I personally work on the platform/infra side and am looking for extra hands on our data eng and testing infrastructure.


We're working to make trucks autonomous on the highway and remote controlled by experienced drivers for the first and last mile. Our self driving trucks will make roads safer while giving drivers meaningful work close to their homes and families.

We currently run our trucks autonomously on the highway, with freight. We are looking for awesome engineers who are comfortable working on a scrappy, driven engineering team. The team takes an extremely active role in the development and testing of Starsky Trucks on highways across the US.

We use Python, C++, and lots of bash scripting. We are a group of PhDs, masters, bachelors, college dropouts, and high school interns all working together. No matter your experience, we're looking for intelligent folks who have a history of diving excitedly into new fields. Able to sponsor all visas. All positions non-remote unless otherwise specified.

Apply online, every application is read: https://jobs.lever.co/starskyrobotics/ or email me (daniel + @<company_name>.com) with any questions.

Please do not email me your application, only questions I may be able to answer. If you send me a resume or cover letter I will simply tell you to apply online! Thanks.

Omada Health | San Francisco, CA | Rails/React, DevOps, Data engineers | H1B Transfers OK | ONSITE

Omada Health is a digital health company on a mission to make healthy behavior change more accessible and achievable. We’re looking for Rails/React, DevOps and Data engineers to join our growing engineering team.

You'll be helping expand our product offering to help individuals control type 2 diabetes and hypertension (Press release: https://www.omadahealth.com/press/press-release-omada-health...)

As a key member of our engineering team, you will help design, build and maintain systems necessary for rapid growth. Our team practices pair programming (at least 50% of the week) so you will have the opportunity to learn new techniques and share your skills.

Software Engineers: https://boards.greenhouse.io/omadahealth/jobs/1162609

Senior Software Engineers: https://boards.greenhouse.io/omadahealth/jobs/1162607

Platform (DevOps) Engineers: https://boards.greenhouse.io/omadahealth/jobs/1069795

Senior Data Engineers: https://boards.greenhouse.io/omadahealth/jobs/1205826

Clutter | Multiple positions | Los Angeles | Onsite full-time

Clutter is an on-demand, physical storage and moving technology company based in Los Angeles that is disrupting the $50B/year self-storage and moving industries. We've built an end-to-end logistics and supply chain platform, enabling us to offer consumers a much more convenient solution at price parity with the incumbents. We've raised $100M from a number of VCs, including Sequoia Capital, Atomico and GV, formerly Google Ventures. We have 750+ team members and tens of thousands of customers in 7 major markets across the US with plans to be in 50+ markets, domestically and internationally, within the next 5 years!

Come work with us: - iOS Engineer (3-5+ years) - Frontend Engineer (all seniority levels) - Backend Engineer (all seniority levels) - Data Analyst (3-5 years) - Product Designer (4-5+ years)

Tech stack: Ruby, Python, Go, React, Angular, Swift

Please apply directly to our careers page here - https://www.clutter.com/careers OR email ashley.wong@clutter.com with your resume

Karuna Health | San Francisco, CA USA | Full-time | Onsite

Without guidance, patients often feel anonymous, isolated, and helpless.

Around the country, teams of health guides, often called “care managers,” work directly with patients to guide them through the healthcare system. The impact these teams have is inspiring, but is expensive and difficult to scale.

At Karuna, we build software that automates common care care coordination tasks so that care management teams can get back to what they do best: being there for patients when they need help the most. We're led by repeat founders, advised by three of the most prominent healthcare leaders in the U.S., and backed by some of the best seed funds on earth (First Round, BoxGroup, etc.). Since day one, helping patients has been part of our DNA. One of our patients told us: "I wish you were available to me when I first started this journey, and I believe that this could be a game changer for battling [my] disease."

We're hiring for Full Stack and Back-end Engineer roles. Some details for both roles:

- Responsibility for bringing Karuna's vision to life. Your input is crucial to everything we build.

- Write code with a deeply technical eng team (co-founder / CTO and two product-focused full-stack engineers).

- Rapidly prototype new features, measure impact, and collaborate with experienced product lead to update our roadmap.

- Take us from demo to production level code as soon as we're experiencing traction.

If you're interested, feel free to PM me or go to https://angel.co/karunahealth/jobs/

Angaza | San Francisco | ONSITE | https://www.angaza.com/contact-page/#careers

Angaza enables financing of solar energy systems and other life-changing products in off-grid regions across Africa and Asia, reaching more than a million people who now have electricity in their homes for the first time:

- https://youtu.be/2EvEeAs_9R4 and https://youtu.be/onMT6_Yv67I

- https://blog.angaza.com/illuminate-angaza-511cd41ce130

The technology you build will help reach millions more. We are hiring multiple roles, including software engineers and engineering management, in both San Francisco and Nairobi:

- https://www.angaza.com/contact-page/#careers

Springer Nature | Developers, UX Designers, QAs | Kings Cross, London | Full-time and Contractor, Onsite | https://sndigital.springernature.com/

At SN Digital we maintain and deliver millions of articles used by researchers, scientists and students around the globe.

We aim to offer a non-hierarchical environment where everyone can contribute meaningfully to the direction of the products and of the department. At the forefront of our beliefs are to continuously deliver high quality solutions to our customers, and to empower teams to accomplish this. All our software is built an in iterative, incremental manner, so you’ll be able to see new work go live sometimes immediately - to millions of visitors around the globe. XP and Kanban heavily influence our flavour of agile and if something isn’t working, we change it.

We are searching for:

  - Kotlin developers (full-time and contract)
  - Scala developers (full-time and contract)
  - UX Designers
  - Quality Analysts
Contact: Sarah.Sparks@springernature.com

Display Software Engineer | North (formerly Thalmic Labs) | Kitchener ON | ONSITE | VISA

We’re the Display-SW team at North and we deliver the software behind our smart glasses display. Our team consists of software engineers who have a background in areas like computer vision, projector mapping, warping and image processing. We work to understand the underlying physics of the display and deliver software solutions that improve its performance.

Working in C++ you'll do the following:

• Develop solutions to complex problems like thermal stability of the mechanical system, computer vision for manufacturing, computational geometry solutions to ensure the device fits optimally.

• Work on cross-functional research or engineering teams to deliver state of the art subsystems for smart glass displays.

• Work from first principles to develop new calibration solutions for both prototyping purposes and mass production.

Apply here: https://bynorth.applytojob.com/apply/jobs/details/ZmpJ6iJq0m

Dropbox | Solutions Architect (Pre-sales) | Tokyo, Japan | ONSITE, FULL-TIME | Salary market rate & Equity

We're looking for a Solutions Architect to join our team in Japan. This is a pre-sales role and you'll be working with sales teams as well as lots of customers where you'll be responsible for technology and solutioning in the sales phase; vision, roadmap presentations, security workshops, API details, deployment planning etc. Lots of fun, growth and variety.

If you love technology, SaaS, contemporary collaboration tools and have technical sales or evangelist experience/skills, then consider joining a successful team of fun and capable people working for one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the world and (IMHO) one of the most exciting tech companies around today!

Email me at danieliversen (at) (company name) .com (esp. if you want a chat or have questions) OR apply directly here:

Senior Solution Architect: https://www.dropbox.com/jobs/listing/1159804

Deepnote | Machine Learning Engineer, Full Stack Developer | San Francisco, Prague or REMOTE | Full Time or INTERN | https://www.deepnote.org/

Deepnote is a collaboration platform for data scientists. We work with Jupyter/Python/JavaScript/Docker/Kubernetes to build infrastructure for running heavy machine learning workloads and to give everyone access to state-of-the-art data science tools.

We are looking for experienced developers (and interns!) excited about contributing to open source software and helping researchers, developers and data scientists solve hard problems.

Here’s a list of a few more open positions: * Machine Learning Engineering Intern (Python) | San Francisco, Prague or remote * Full Stack Developer (JavaScript, Python) | San Francisco or Prague * Infrastructure Engineer (Python, Kubernetes) | San Francisco or Prague * Growth Marketer (developer relations, community management, marketing) | San Francisco, Prague or remote

Apply at work@deepnote.org.

Shield AI|San Diego, CA & Pittsburgh, PA|https://www.shield.ai/

Shield AI - Shaping technology’s future by creating artificially intelligent systems that protect lives today.

Shield AI is recruiting across the technical teams. Key roles include: Software Engineer - General, Site Reliability Engineer, Proficiency in C++

For a full list of open positions in both the Pittsburgh and San Diego offices, apply here https://jobs.lever.co/shieldai.

Shield AI’s mission is to protect service members and civilians with artificially intelligent systems. Our culture of intelligent, kind and thoughtful teammates keeps work creative, stretching, and rewarding. We are backed by Andreessen Horowitz and have started shipping product. Check out a behind-the-scenes look at a day at Shield AI https://www.shield.ai/videos/


Hey! I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but on your site openmessage.io, if you go to:

Solutions (Menu bar) -> Use cases (in menu popup) -> Publishing/Loyalty/Reminders/Concierge

There's a fair bit of "Lorem ipsum dolor..." text.

I wasn't, thanks will get that patched up!

DroneSeed | Seattle | Hardware Engineers | Full-time | ONSITE

We at DroneSeed are working to address climate change by making reforestation scalable with drone swarms - surveying, planting trees, and spraying to protect them. We’re Techstars ‘16 alum, VC backed, and working with 3 of the 5 largest timber companies in the US.

Hardware engineers at DroneSeed are deeply dedicated to our mission and capable of supporting our operations crews by designing, building, and maintaining unmanned aircraft, vehicles, and all manner of equipment to enable precision forestry at scale.

If you are someone with an engineering background and a bunch of hobby projects cluttering your home, drop us a line! We are especially interested in individuals with hands-on experience with unmanned aircraft, robotics, and rapid prototyping.

Our hiring process involves reviewing work you have done, reviewing our stuff, and pairing up on a practical task. We want creative, thoughtful, empathetic people with grit to join a team dedicated to inclusivity and an important mission.


Would you be interested in somebody whose day job is senior network engineer for a medium sized ISP, but hobby includes building and flying 1 meter size, x8 coaxial octocopters for semiprofessional videography? Arducopter based stuff + gimbal + Panasonic gh5s 4k 60fps video rig.

MOKA Analytics | New York City, NY | https://www.moka.nyc

Full Stack Software Engineer | Full-time | Onsite | Immediate | $100-160K | 0-2% Equity | Benefits

Front-End Software Engineer | Full-time | Onsite | Immediate | $100-160K | 0-2% Equity | Benefits

Data Integration Engineer | Full-time | Onsite | Immediate | $80-120K | 0-1% Equity | Benefits

Our product blends AI + advanced analytics with an intuitive UX to transform how executives identify and capture business opportunities. We were founded 2 years ago by McKinsey and Bridgewater Associates alumni. Since then, we've already become the official strategic planning tool at one of the world's largest beverage companies

Our application stack is Python 3 + Django + React + Redux + D3 + custom analytics. Our client data integration team uses Informatica

If you're excited about solving engineering challenges that have a real impact on global businesses, email me (the head of engineering) with your resume and a short introduction at todd@moka.nyc


We're tackling exciting technical challenges and building offerings relevant to interesting real-world problems in a variety of fields. We have particular strengths in dispersed computation, protocol design, and deep learning.

We're currently most interested in engineers with solid experience in Rust, Haskell/Idris, or graphics programming. We're also open to enthusiastic developers or researchers who might lack this precise experience but are eager and able to learn. We welcome internship/fellowship interest from postdoctoral scholars or senior graduate students.

We're additionally interested in chatting with people with a scientific or engineering background who are interested in scientific and technical writing.

We do not presently have openings for anyone still working on their undergraduate degree or for fresh graduates.

Send your resume to info@onai.com and we'll let you know if there's a potential fit.

LeanTaaS | Santa Clara, CA | Full Time | ONSITE ONLY | Salary + Equity + Full Benefits


Series B Funded by top healthcare investors Ex-Google/McKinsey/MIT/Stanford Team

LeanTaaS is a fast growing healthcare predictive analytics company that uses sophisticated math and lean principles to make healthcare providers more efficient. Our technology helps millions of people wait less at hospitals and specialty clinics across the country.

LeanTaaS’ customers include some of the nation’s largest hospitals including 15 of the top 30 Cancer Centers. Our team includes veteran executives and the brightest minds from Google, McKinsey, Stanford, MIT, Duke, Berkeley, UIUC, and more.

We are looking for Engineers, Data Scientists and Product Managers who possess an entrepreneurial, scrappy personality and the talent to think outside the box to problem solve and get things done.

Job descriptions can be found at http://leantaas.com/careers


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Carrot, Inc.| Engineers | Redwood City, CA

We're a Digital health (smoking cessation) startup. $25M in Q4 18' funding means growth in all areas of the company, including a new office with Bay Views. We're looking for software engineers to build out the world's 1st smoking cessation solution (coaching + mobile app + breath sensor). If you're passionate about helping others, saving lives, and working with respectful teammates - let's learn more about each other.

Hiring for: * Backend Engineers * Android Engineers * iOS Engineers * Data Engineers * Product Designers

Check us out: https://jobs.lever.co/carrot

News: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/carrot-inc-raises-2...

Aha! (http://www.aha.io) | Rails / Devops / Front End | REMOTE

Aha! is looking for experienced Ruby on Rails engineers to work on the Aha! product. We use Rails extensively, plus React for rich browser based experiences.

Aha! is also looking for a Devops engineer, experienced with Ruby & AWS to help build and maintain our fully automated infrastructure. All of our operations is done by writing code first, so it is fully reproducible.

Aha! is the #1 tool for product managers to plan strategy and roadmaps. Aha! is profitable, you can work from anywhere in North America and we offer excellent benefits. We use our own product to manage our work (which is especially rewarding), we deploy continuously and we are developing in Rails/ES6/React.

Our entire team is remote - in US, Canada and Mexico so we can collaborate during the work day.

http://www.aha.io | email: engineering-jobs@aha.io

Lumi (YC W15) | https://www.lumi.com | Los Angeles, CA | VP of Engineering, Database Administrator, Front-End and Full-Stack Engineers | REMOTE (within USA) | Full-time

Lumi is making packaging simpler for e-commerce brands. We're solving complex supply chain problems involving everything from creating production-ready artwork, to bringing elegance to the complex systems of pricing, manufacturing, shipping and freight in the packaging industry. Our engineering team is fully remote and oriented towards functional programming.

Our stack: PureScript, Haskell, PostgreSQL. As an engineer at Lumi, you'll become an important part of our diverse and dynamic team. You will be leading projects building the architecture of our customer-facing site and backend tools. Because of our small team and rapid development cycle you'll have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects and interact closely with the design and strategy of Lumi. You can apply by going here: https://www.lumi.com/jobs

More about Lumi:

* https://medium.com/fuzzy-sharp/custom-manufacturing-should-b...

* https://medium.com/fuzzy-sharp/purescript-and-haskell-at-lum...

* https://techcrunch.com/2018/02/14/meet-lumi-the-los-angeles-...

Dgraph | Backend Engineer | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE or REMOTE

Dgraph is the world’s most advanced graph database. It is horizontally scalable, synchronously replicated, transactional and distributed. It can do arbitrarily deep joins, while minimizing network communication and disk seeks, scaling well as cluster size increases. It is a low-latency, high-throughput database, serving complex queries over multiple independent data sources in real-time[1].

Dgraph Labs was started by ex-Google engineers and is VC funded[2]. We are a small team of dedicated engineers with a mission to build world’s best graph database. Nothing less excites us!

We are looking for outstanding distributed systems engineers to join our team. As part of the team, you would be responsible for the design, architecture, and implementation of our native and distributed open source graph database, Dgraph.

Requirements: * 2+ years of backend engineering experience. * Experience developing distributed systems or databases. * SF Bay Area, or in the same time zone (for remote).

Nice to have: * Experience building applications in C, C++ or Go. * Experience with concurrency and building and scaling systems. * Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. * Passionate about working on and contributing to Open Source.

For more details, see https://dgraph.io/about. Get in touch with us at join@dgraph.io.

[1] https://github.com/dgraph-io/dgraph [2] https://techcrunch.com/2017/12/19/dgraph-raises-3m-for-its-o...

Cyient | FULL TIME | ONSITE (remote for the right candidate) | Melbourne, FL; Bangalore, India| http://certsafe.com/

CertSAFE is a software suite developed by Cyient for the design, development, simulation, verification, and validation of safety-critical systems. CertSAFE features a graphical development environment for a visual modeling language based on dataflow/circuit diagram notation, a simulation engine and interactive testing interface, an automatic test generator based on Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) solving, and more.

As a member of the CertSAFE team, you will get to apply your software engineering and computer science knowledge in diverse areas, including programming language theory, graph theory, user interface design, concurrent and parallel software design, and software test automation. You will get to interact on a day-to-day basis with real-world users and customers working on safety-critical applications in aerospace, defense, transportation, medical devices, and other fields.

CertSAFE is developed by a small team with a Lean Kanban development process. We use a variety of technologies including Java, Maven, Jenkins, Python, and AWS, and also especially appreciate experience with functional languages such as Haskell, F#, OCaml, Lisp, etc.

Positions available include Software Engineer (Bangalore, India), Software Quality Assurance Engineer (Bangalore, India), Product Specialist (Bangalore, India), and DevOps Engineer (Melbourne, FL). Visit http://certsafe.com/careers/ for full position descriptions.

The roles outside of Melbourne, FL will require travel to Melbourne, FL for 90-180 days to undergo necessary training. Visa assistance is available.

Interested? Email your resume to careers@certsafe.com.

Brenger | Senior Frontend Engineer (JS/React) | Amsterdam, The Netherlands | ONSITE | VISA SPONSORSHIP Brenger is looking for an experienced frontender (JS). We are a logistics startup (with 2M funding) and quickly on our way to become profitable.

We are in the extending our internal development team (our current platform is build by a digital agency) and migrating to a new better scaleable tech stack. It is an opportunity to become one of the early stage developers of the company and therefore be an important influencer of the product, the technologies we use and the team we are forming. We have a team of 4 and we are now looking for a senior frontender/javascripter to become part of the core development team. We have got a proper plan and budget to build a first-class data-driven product and team and have many interesting technological challenges ahead.

If you're interested, drop me a line: hugojan@brenger.nl

No recruiters/No agencies/No remote

Diginex | Blockchain startup | Hong Kong | F#/C#/Linux devs | Fulltime employees ONSITE preferred, VISA sponsors (for freelancers we might accept part-time and/or remote work, if you prove yourself to be worth it)

We are a blockchain start-up based in Hong Kong. Our business consists of cryptocurrency mining, financial services, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) & blockchain technology consulting, and software research. Among our products, we are developing an opensource crossplatform multicurrency wallet app for desktop & mobile devices and we have plans to build a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Our goal is to become a legitimate, regulated, go-to global blockchain service provider. Our core values are based on high professional standards, where the ability to work effectively and independently is a must-have.

We are looking for filling several vacancies for the following roles in the next few weeks:

- Linux DevOps (no previous blockchain experience required): must be comfortable working with opensource workflows (pullrequests, code review, git, etc), with main responsibilities including packaging(deb/rpm+snap+flatpak), CI curation (we use GitLab+AzureDevOps), cloud infrastructure (AWS,Kubernetes,TerraForm...). Typescript & selenium experience are a plus.

- F#+C#+Xamarin Developer (no previous blockchain experience required): must be comfortable working with opensource workflows (pullrequests, code review, git, etc). Typescript & selenium experience are a plus.

- QA Engineer (no previous blockchain experience required): must be comfortable working with opensource workflows (pullrequests, code review, git, etc) with main responsibilities including Selenium tests development and bug reporting. Typescript experience is a plus.

Work onsite (relocation package is offered) is preferred but not a must. Please send CV and short cover letter to andres.aragoneses at diginex dot com.

(Rust devs also welcome)

Alva Technologies | Backend developer, full stack developer | Oslo, Norway | Full time | REMOTE

Alva is looking for a experienced backend developer and a full stack developer to join our team.

We're a young, investor-backed startup building a consumer facing automated valuation model for real estate. We are using Python on the backend, AngularJS on the frontend and PostgreSQL database running on AWS.

We would prefer that you are in the European timezone.

Read the full job listing at:

* Full Stack Developer: https://alva-technologies.homerun.co/full-stack-developer/en

* Back End Developer: https://alva-technologies.homerun.co/back-end-developer

Email: post [at] alva-tech [dot] no .

Website: https://www.alva-tech.no/

XTX Markets | London, UK | Full-time | Onsite | https://www.xtxmarkets.com/

London-based XTX Markets is looking to expand its small low-latency C++ team. We have hundreds of Linux servers located at tens of financial exchanges around the world, and we design / build / maintain the entire software stack which runs on them. We're not serving up adverts, or worrying about user acquisition metrics, or building software for a faceless third party - everything we build is for our own use, and we use what we build to trade over 150 billion dollars worth of assets every day, all in a completely automated manner. You should be familiar with modern C++, interested in pushing hardware to its limits, and not afraid of mathematical formulae. No prior financial experience is necessary - we're happy to teach you that part.


Cash App | Software Engineer | San Francisco/New York/Austin/Melbourne AU/Kitchener/Waterloo CA | https://squareup.com/careers/jobs?team=Cash Cash App (by Square Inc) is hiring across ML, Backend, iOS & Android to work on features for the #1 Finance app in the US on iOS and Android.


What we do:

Cash App is the easiest way to send and receive money. We make it easy to pay and get paid, spend safely, deposit your paycheck, buy/sell bitcoin and save while you spend. We're hiring engineers to help unbanked and underbanked customers around the country manage their money.


Why it's cool:

Cash is the number #1 finance app in the US (and a top 20 free app overall). We're a full stack team, with opportunities to work on highly polished customer facing features, deep money movement infrastructure including blockchain, external integrations and risk & machine learning infrastructure. Cash's goal is to be an honest financial network, and millions of customers per month already manage their money with Cash. Our work environment includes lots of Silicon Valley style perks, and supports a distributed/remote team culture; we have engineering centers in Melbourne AU, Kitchener/Waterloo CA, San Francisco, New York, and Austin, as well as team members spread around the world from Kansas to Stockholm. We help with visas were necessary.


Technologies we use and teach:

Java & Kotlin including JUnit, Hibernate, Guice, and OkHttp/Retrofit

HTTP, JSON, gRPC, and Protocol Buffers



If this matches your background and interests, we'd love to talk to you -- email ayo+hn@squareup.com.

Arm Treasure Data | Senior Solution (Sales) Engineer | Mountain View, New York, Chicago, and India | www.treasuredata.com

Arm Treasure Data, the leader in Enterprise Customer Data Platforms, is looking for Senior Solution Engineers with a passion for technical pre-sales to join our growing Solution Engineering practice.

Candidates should have:

- Prior sales and/or client-facing experience

- Strong background in Adtech/Martech

- Proficiency in data & technology (BS CS or similar)

- Deep knowledge and experience in SQL & Python

The Arm Treasure Data enterprise Customer Data Platform simplifies data management. We’re here to help you harness and analyze the information you need to create a data - driven enterprise.

Please email smitchell+hn@treasure-data.com to learn more or apply directly here: https://www.treasuredata.com/company/careers/jobs/?team=Sale...

Beeswax | Sr. Software Engineer (Distributed Systems) | New York, NY | Onsite

Beeswax is an easy to use, massive scale and high availability advertising platform founded by industry veterans who worked together at Google. We’re well funded by leading VCs, such as RRE and Foundry Group, and are rapidly expanding our customer list and our engineering team. We offer our customers the most extensible and transparent advertising system in the world and process millions of transactions per second.

We believe in using the right tools for the job so our products are built in a variety of languages including C++, Java, Javascript, and Python. While engineers tend to specialize in their specific domains everyone on our team needs to have a solid understanding of computing fundamentals and modern approaches to building high scale and high-quality software.

As our newest team member you will: -Design, build and own our core infrastructure for servings ads and managing bids -Collaborate with engineers, product managers, designers and data scientists to evolve these services to provide new experiences for our customers as well as meet our ever-growing scale -Do fun tasks like reviewing code, writing design docs and closing JIRA tickets

Ideal candidates will have: -5+ years of working on backend systems at strong software companies -Significant experience with Java, C++, Python and databases Experience with software architecture, performance, scaling, data modelling, and API (or apiary) design -An understanding of what it means to build systems at scale - if you love articles on highscalability.com you’ll fit right in -A strong grasp of software architecture (either through a degree or from learning it themselves) -An ability to think about and tackle problems analytically Comfort in a Linux ecosystem


Uncountable | San Francisco (Onsite) | Full Stack / Front End, Machine Learning, Enterprise Sales


Uncountable accelerates the innovation of the world’s largest manufacturers. By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence techniques, Uncountable's algorithms get better material and chemical products to the market in half the time. We work with companies of all sizes, from innovative startups to Fortune 500 manufacturers.

Senior Full Stack / Frontend Engineers | $120k - $170k + Equity

---> Uncountable is looking for an experienced engineer who can spear head the development of the Uncountable Web Platform. The position is an 80/20 mix of front-end and back-end with the primary challenge being overcoming UX challenges.

Machine Learning Engineers | $150k - $220k + Equity

---> Uncountable is building a world-class machine learning team that can push the boundaries of what is currently possible with Bayesian optimization. You will have the opportunity to innovate in machine learning at a small startup.

---> This position requires experience with statistical learning theory and software development.

Enterprise Sales | $70k - $120k + Commission & Equity

---> Uncountable is looking for resourceful, scrappy, and driven professionals to grow out our sales and business development team. As a sales representative, you will be responsible for generating leads, pitching Uncountable’s AI platform to Directors/VPs, and closing enterprise deals.

These are all onsite, full-time positions in San Francisco, CA. Learn more: https://www.uncountable.com/careers

Contact: jason@uncountable.com

Benzinga | Detroit, MI | FULL-TIME | ONSITE & REMOTE A financial media company at our core, we're high-energy, focused on our users and our product. We reach over 2 million uniques and 214 million impressions / month.

Seeking people who love to code, design, move fast and get shit done: the hustlers of this world that know their stuff.

* Frontend Engineers (React, Redux, ES6)

* Backend / Ops Engineers (Go, Kubernetes, Java, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, ...)

* Designer (UI/UX for our applications, modern web presence and brand consistency)

If you're interested, check out our sites (https://pro.benzinga.com, https://benzinga.com), apply (http://jobs.benzinga.com) or email me (bert@benzinga.com) direct with any questions.

Duffel | Software Engineers | London, UK / São Paulo, BR | Full-time, on-site | https://duffel.com

We are a stealth startup working to build the next generation of software for the travel industry. You will join a small (but growing) team, work alongside talented and incredibly ambitious people (but who really know how to enjoy their time off), and have the unique opportunity to shape our core platform and tackle some of the most interesting challenges in travel today. If there is one thing we can promise is that you will learn a lot.

We just went through Y Combinator (S18) and recently announced our seed round from top VCs (Index Ventures, Blossom Capital and Kima Ventures).

Our stack: Elixir/Phoenix, Next.js/React, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, GCP.

Feel free to reach out to me directly at steve@duffel.com if you are interested or have any question.

Tulip | https://tulip.co/careers | Boston, MA | Full time | Onsite

Do you want to help transform manufacturing? We are building the best team in the industry to bring consumer-grade user experiences to a space dominated by ancient enterprise technology. Our platform enables our customers to create apps without code and to connect their apps to machines, sensors and smart tools. These augmented production lines would otherwise rely on paper to share information.

We’re based in Somerville, MA and have raised $13m from NEA, Pitango, and other leading investors. Our customers include some of the largest manufacturers in the world across numerous verticals of the manufacturing industry. If you are looking to join a fast-growing, mission-driven company, and want to make a lasting impact on our organization and the manufacturing industry, we'd love to talk to you.

We'd love to talk to anyone interested, but in particular we are looking to bring folks on in:

- SRE/DevOps: Kubernetes-admin, scalable monitoring across the firewall, hybrid cloud/on-prem deployment

- SRE/DevOps: Azure cloud architect, ideally with container service/AKS experience - will consider contractors as well as F/T, depending on interest and experience

- Web Development: React+Redux frontend, NodeJS+Mongo+Postgres+Redis backend, syncing data with Meteor, delivering useful, real-time experiences in the browser and on Electron

- Data & Pipeline Engineering: planning, implementing, and finding insights with our next generation of process & sensor analytics

- IoT/Embedded Software: delivering a reliable, extensible HW platform across arm and x86, all manner of bus/IO tech

Apply at https://tulip.co/careers or email us at jobs@tulip.co

Tyk.io | Mid-level Go Developer | London, Singapore | remote | Full-time

We’re looking for a Go Developer that can work with our open-source engineering team and cloud edge to deliver the next generation of the Tyk API Management platform.

Interested? Find it more and apply here: https://tyk.io/about/team/mid-go-developer/

Here's what you will be working on:

- The open source API Gateway - Our multi-data-center distributed API platform - The next-get cloud infrastructure of our public SaaS

Tech Stack: Go, more Go, React, with a sprinkling of Python, JS and gRPC

Read more about the role and apply here: https://tyk.io/about/team/mid-go-developer/, or email us directly at talent@tyk.io

Apologies - this was an accidental duplicate, how can I delete it?

Roadster | Frontend & DevOps Engineers | Palo Alto, San Francisco

Roadster is modernizing the painful process of buying a new or used car. Our software allows dealers to offer fully online shopping with a modern user experience, transparent pricing and home delivery. We've raised $25 million, serve hundreds of dealers, and are starting to grow outside the US and sign direct deals with carmakers such as Lexus and Audi.

We're hiring a frontend Rails/Vue.js engineer and a devops Postgres/Elastic/Redis/AWS engineer to help us rapidly expand, build new features, grow into new markets, and scale our technology. You should have a CS degree or equivalent and 2+ years of work experience. Our team is small so you'll be owning your projects right away. Our PA office is a converted body shop with a rollup garage door.

Email me at mike@roadster.com for more details.

Kickbox | Software Engineer | Dallas TX | ONSITE | https://kickbox.com

At Kickbox, we build APIs and platforms that ensure email deliverability for both email marketers and developers. Since our founding in 2014, Kickbox has been integrated into many of the internet's largest brands. Our goal is to ensure customers with opt-in contacts get their message to the inbox, and to prevent all the rest from hitting ‘Send’. We're a small team, growing quickly, and focused on building a world-class company.

Tech we use: JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, MySQL, Redis, AWS, Docker, Ansible, and more.

We are committed to building a culturally diverse company and STRONGLY encourage applications from female and minority candidates.

Apply Here: https://kickbox.workable.com

Red Badger | London, UK | Full Stack Engineer Mid&Senior | Onsite | Full Time

Independent digital consultancy known for delivery and digital transformation working on enterprise scale web applications.

We love: React/Native, Javascript, Node, Java, Ruby (more tech here: https://red-badger.com/technology)

We are on the hunt for a friendly new badger who enjoys complex problems, talking to clients and a working on a tight knit team.

X Functional teams including, Delivery and Tech Lead, Engineers, Product & UX Design and Test.

For more details please visit... https://red-badger.com/jobs?hn

Please email Laura Hasting, Community Manager if you have questions: laura.hasting@red-badger.com We also organise React London, We Love_Tech and UXD Exchange

Lugg | Front End / Back End / Full Stack Engineers | San Francisco (Remote Ok) | https://lugg.com

Lugg is building the best way for you to get anything moved. We partner with some of the biggest retailers in the world like Costco, IKEA, Restoration Hardware, and Pottery Barn to power same-day delivery for big and bulky furniture. With the push of a button, you are connected to movers and a truck who arrive, load, and haul anything you need. We make it dead simple to get your new furniture home, your craigslist purchases delivered to you, moving all of your stuff into your new apartment, and even donating to your local charity.


Front End Engineers - React, React Native, ES6, HTML, CSS Back End Engineers - Ruby, Rails, Node.js, Postgres, Redis Full Stack Engineers - All of the above

Email jobs@lugg.com to apply.

Bird | Android Developers, Data Engineers, Software Engineers, Product Managers + many non-technical roles | Venice + Santa Monica, Los Angeles | Fulltime, ONSITE

We know that:

- Traffic and increased carbon emissions are a growing problem around the world

- Many communities struggle with last-mile transportation

- Bikes and public transportation can solve some of these issues, but still leave gaps.

We're building a scooter sharing service that can transform cities and improve accessibility.

We're growing quickly, with plenty of learning/growth opportunities and a great engineering + leadership team.


Apply directly to many roles here: https://jobs.lever.co/bird/?department=Engineering

I'm a Product Manager on the Platform / Payments team and happy to answer questions! Please email george.lu@bird.co with "HN" in the subject.

Bird is hiring iOS developers too! Apply through the link above, or you can also email me at bsummersett@bird.co if you have any questions.

we're also hiring many other kinds of developers (from NOC to web to devops to Kotlin).

Xledger | Colorado Springs, CO | ONSITE | Permanent | Sr. Software Engineer (120-140k salary) Xledger is a finance, project, and business information system that gives customers tighter control of their businesses. We are expanding our team in Colorado Springs, and are looking for Sr. Software Engineers to help us create best-in-class functionality for our customers.


- Have experience building and deploying production web applications

- Have stuck around to see the impact of your decisions

- Pick things up quickly

- Have high standards, and can focus and get things done

- Know and enjoy Clojure


- Prefer having a lightweight process with few meetings

- Strive towards solutions that are simple, yet leveraged and performant

Our hiring process consists of phone interviews and sample work (~2 hr) submissions (and/or open-source work review).

Contact techjob@xledger.com with resume, and if available, links to some of your work (e.g., Github profile). Note: No remote position or visa sponsorship available.

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