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I guess you mean most favored theory by you? I do not find UV exposure to be a consensus opinion after a brief glance at the subject.

There is at least some support for myopia being associated with close focal distance activities, as mentioned in this meta analysis:


No, I was going based off my memory of this 2015 article, which summarizes the evidence and expert opinions:


In particular, my article discusses randomized experiments and the opinion of multiple disagreeing experts. Your article (also from 2015) is a meta analysis of observational studies on the correlation between near work and myopia, not the overall question of myopia origins. As far as I can tell, I don't think they try to test whether light exposure is the underlying cause, nor does you article claim represent the opinions of anyone besides the three authors.

I welcome links to more recent and comprehensive reviews, though. I definitely don't think this case has been closed.

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