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No one mentioned the Minibuk (http://minibuk.com) printed in the USA. Just as portable, but in a familiar portrait format. There are lots of use scenarios and they make excellent corporate gifts, giveaways, business card alternatives, etc.

Am I understanding this right? https://www.minibuk.com/pricing.php

It costs $2.2 for a 64 page black & white book (first option, 500 units)?

This can sure make a neat corporate gift!

Concur. I remember ordering 250, once upon a time. I don't have a relationship with them other than that of a customer. You could print user manuals, checklists; lawyers could print various sets of rules; a printed wiki for a project; there are a lot of options besides Cloud Atlas. I think their maximum page limit is 400 pages or so, which gives you a great deal of room. Their saddle-stitching (lie flat) option is 48 pages.

Hi, I’m David from MiniBük. Interesting discussions you are having. While our product is “under marketed”, we have continued to grow nonetheless. We have several sizes, including now 4 1/4 x 6. I agree perfect binding is far from perfect, we do use super premium paper, with the paper grain parallel to the spine. This makes the books much more flexible and the pages turn more easily. The books are also bound with PUR glue, Which is more flexible and durable then standard perfect binding glue.

Personally, what do when I read a full size book, is tear the cover off, cut the spine off and coil bind it. Yes, books bound like this all look the same on the shelf. I also cut away a lot of the excess paper, which in 90% of the cases is glorified news print. This keeps the weight down. Marketing has turned out to be the most popular use for our books. Savvy, energetic entrepreneurs have used them to dramatically elevate the arc of their success. Cara Silletto of Crescendo Strategies, is a poster child for this. She gave away nearly 30,000 of her MiniBük over a three-year period and skyrocketed her career. Books of been direct mailed with great success by James Lange of Paytaxeslater.com

Happy to send out samples. Please request via our web form. Please state your specific interest for sample customization.

One more thing: I searched for Cara Siletto, and the first thing that popped up was a PDF e-book download which we prepared for her. Using the same files we print from, these PDFs display perfectly on a smart phone. So you cannot only distribute them electronically, but you can use them as a hook to build a great email list. Also, books under 88 pages mail with a one or 2 ounce stamp in our special envelopes.

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