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You forgot one big point in favor of ebooks: large fonts for people with poor eyesight.

Good point, and the thing that might finally convert me (and just keep me from reading whole categories of books at all, as a consequence) in (hopefully very) old age.

[EDIT] to be clear, I'd love for e-readers to actually achieve enough of the important features of physical books that I could mostly switch over. I'd probably hold on to a few real books but I'd happily ditch 90+% of them if they weren't a better interface for their particular content, in ways that really do matter, than ebooks. Color, higher resolution, and probably at least two screens per device (or one foldable screen I guess) would be required to even take a realistic stab at that, though.

Then again there's no way I'd pay new-ebook (only kind) prices for all the books I have. I could slowly start converting, though, if they were good enough. It's a features thing, not (entirely) a nostalgia thing.

You can change the text justification too. Every printed book I've seen is full-justified, which is is IMO the worst option. You get uneven spacing between words, no visual cues for vertical position along the right edge, and words unnecessarily split up with hyphens. I much prefer left-justified text.

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