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I also read in both formats and agree with all of the above. Two additional benefits of physical books:

1. Marginalia. While you can note-take on e-readers, I vastly prefer to do so in physical form. (I'm not entirely sure why, but I know I'm not alone - when I was in college a few years ago, people would print out the lecture slides to take notes on when they easily could have done so on their computers.)

2. Signaling. How else are you going to show people on the subway, in coffeeshops, etc. that you aren't just browsing Instagram and are instead a Very Serious Reader? :)

Re: 1, many people find the physical act of writing to improve their ability to remember information.

I wonder if anyone has done studies on writing vs typing vs listening/reading-only baseline.

I read enough books in public transport. No one cares. Even myself I had perhaps one 5 sec encounter like a glance on a book cover I known

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