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The thing that bugs me is the "As Written About By.." bit. This is more for any site that does it and not yours in particular. But it just has a bunch of logos there, I can't read what they said about it either. You could put any logo there you want and I wouldn't be able to verify it. I checked for a testimonials sorta page but there didn't seem to be one either.

Just a personal annoyance since I've seen a lot of sites do it, just show a bunch of logos, or link to the homepage (say of the Guardian) without letting me read the review.

We agree... and we haven't linked those logos simply because we're worried about link breakage.

So link to a page on your site showing a screenshot of the article, or copy/paste it and link to the original with a caveat that the link may break, or something. Don't be held back by something as trivial as fear of link breakage.

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