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Just doing a little test to see if typeform have closed the little vuln I submitted months ago: https://testytest.typeform.com/to/Bg59Xe

... appears not. People can still pose as others. You'd think they'd care a bit more about security after the hack in June. I recommend against using typeform for this reason.

Woah, crazy. Thanks for pointing this out...

Hi tomglynch

We are Typeform's security team and we want to let you know that we are aware of this issue and are actively working on finding a solution. This is a core functionality of the platform, and we need time to find the best solution without breaking the user experience.

We take security seriously and we review every single report we get to try to find the best possible solution.


hi tf_security. It's been more than 4 months since I reported this. Regardless if it is a core functionality or not, this is too long.

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