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> I prefer to play games with WASD and a mouse like God intended.

Yeah, that works for some subset of games. If you're doing is playing FPS games and some workable subset of side-scrollers, sure. But games designed for a specific control scheme generally play much better with that controller.

I've played my fair share of emulated NES/SNES games, and while workable on a keyboard, let's not kid ourselves and say it's just as good.

And I remember playing DOOM not with WASD (because I don't think anyone was at that point), but with the numeric control pad so I could easily strafe (when the default most people seemed to use were arrow keys), so it's not like WASD came out fully formed and obvious from the start.[1]

Control schemes change, and people usually end up adopting what works best for a specific genre (or specific game, if it's genre-bending enough).

Don't get me wrong, I abhor the idea of playing a FPS game with a controller as well... but not all games are FPS games.

1: https://www.pcgamer.com/how-wasd-became-the-standard-pc-cont...

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