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The really scary thing about Google Cloud to me is that Google has a very long history of axing projects. I'm just trying to imagine what it would be like to be totally tied into GC and to receive an email along the lines of 'Dear customer, to serve you better we have decided to retire GC by the end of this year, as per your contract you have three months to move'.

Google takes G-Suite/Enterprise focused products very seriously. I can't think of many major examples of them axing one of their enterprise products (or really any, though I'm sure there's one or two fringe examples). In other words, I think they have an issue of reputation here, but that reputation is mostly unfounded because it applies to a different class of products.

I also think GCloud is very unique in that all of the capex that Google spends on it comes back to benefit Google. All of their product offerings need servers and world class networks behind them. So even if GCloud remains a solid third/fourth place in the cloud race, I doubt we'll see them go anywhere just because Google itself is probably using it internally to some degree.

I mostly worry about the scope of investment from management. I want to see way more products out of them. More managed databases, a better managed NoSQL database than Firestore, lower prices, more enterprise focused things like automated security auditing, better support. We're just not getting it; they're so focused on shiny trivialities like Firebase and Stackdriver while missing the basics.

> but that reputation is mostly unfounded because it applies to a different class of products

That's not how reputation works. A brand has one reputation. You mess with that at your peril.

A brand can have a reputation both per audience and per product segment.

How unfortunate when your audience crosses your carefully laid lines and is active both as a business user and as a private individual. Screw them on the one and expect mercy on the other and we'll see how that multiple reputations theory works out in practice.

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