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I have to give kudos to your designer. This is probably the most well-executed web design I've seen on YC in the short time I've been participating. I like all the small details. And the overall feel is the warmth of a book, something that I think it really hard to execute on a digital medium without being cheesy.

One tiny thing: On the sign up overlay, the input box margins seem tighter on the right than the rest. This is what I mean: http://i.imgur.com/iD8TL.png I wouldn't be so particular if I didn't think the rest of the wasn't already looking so good.

It'd also be nice (though not overly essential) if the logos denoting where you were mentioned were clickable so that I could read the writeups.

Otherwise, great work and I wish your team success.

Fantastic suggestions, and I am very excited to share your feedback with our outsourced designer -- Worry Free Labs (http://worryfreelabs.com/).

Best regards, Lance

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