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Beautiful site.

Unfortunately, the background took 45 seconds to download on a slowish DSL connection, and was very distracting as it progressively loaded. That's not surprising, considering that the PNG is 3MB. You can definitely improve the responsiveness here.

I like the concept quite a bit, but wonder how useful it will be if used according to the "page 99 rule." Unless you're wanting sentence or paragraph level evaluation I'm not sure that the feedback would be all that helpful. By page 99, any fuller evaluation would depend on knowing the contents of pages 1-98.

For instance, a reader sees page 99 full of things like "Thou art a despicable knave, wench!" Reader sends feedback saying, "The language is really awkward, even for a Tolkienesque fantasy." What the reader missed, though, is that page 99 is part of the school play written by a DnD fanatic teacher and is absolutely hilarious in context.

I'm definitely not writing off the concept, but would hope that there is a way to add more context to the page.

Also, the domain bugs me a bit. Is page99.com available? Seems more memorable and less spammy to me.

We wish that domain was available!

Your point about context is well-taken, but it seems to work well for Dribbble -- which I find very difficult (personally) to use because I desperately want to see the expanded view. :-)

We do plan to provide writers with the option to upload a full chapter, which helps address the context problem.

Asking writers to upload a synopsis is challenging because we've learned that most won't do it. So for this phase of our site, it's all about first impressions -- completely out of context -- and having some fun with what writers upload.

Heres the trick to the background: create a small portion, maybe 150px by 150px, and tile it. Simple :)

And use JPG rather than PNG--the compression is designed for stuff like this.

Agreed! And we're on it.

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