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I love everything about it: concept, design, execution. The only thing that really bothers me is the domain.

I think it's the Test in the domain name that throws me off a bit. Great idea/design/site otherwise!

in a way i agree and disagree with you, i think the name kind of says what the web app deos, but at the same time its looks spammy, personally i dont like to use numbers for app names, i dont know maybe im wrong.

Tell that to the folks at 37signals.com. :-) Seriously though, we did consider your point prior to purchasing the domain name, but we liked how literal it is.

Thanks for your feedback! Lance, Co-founder Page99Test.com

Have you considered registering p99t.com and p99test.com as well as nice shortcuts? Both are available.

What about '99th page'? 99thpage.com doesn't appear to be taken.

I don't have a bias against companies with numbers in their name.

TheSixtyOne is a site I used to use a lot.

I have a lot of respect for Core77.

ONE is certainly a well known non-for-profit.

Personally, I like the name. It has an interesting rational.

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