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Programs. Not games. Re-read. Adobe, CAD, etc.

You don't need Proton or dxvk for that. Above was about gaming scenario.

Using Windows in a VM is a necessity and the best solution if you need such programs but still want to use primarily Linux. How are you not getting this? Games aren't the only reason to use Wine, but Wine also doesn't solve everything.

This is relevant because games aren't the only thing holding back people from switching to Linux. As long as there are programs that don't work on Linux and for the foreseeable future won't ever work, plenty of people won't switch.

See the original comment above by @esotericn:

    I've been using GPU passthrough for Windows gaming on and off for a while now.
    I think it's fundamentally a better solution. edit: (for desktops).
It's not about CAD and etc. I disagree with the idea of using Windows in VM as a better approach for Linux gaming than running games in Wine.

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